Thursday 10 May 2012

Crochet-A-Long Episode 1: Kit List

Crochet MonkeyKureyon Crochet CatCrochet doll finished

Joining us for the CAL?
Glad to hear it.

Here's your kit list:

CAL -Get ready!

Stitch marker (a piece of coloured yarn will do the job).
Crochet hook to suit your yarn (I used a 4mm).
Yarn of choice (now, my first Blue Monk used 1 skein of Rico Cotton, BUT subsequent Monks have needed a squidge more- be on the safe side and make sure you have more than you'll need).
Eyes. You can use buttons or proper safety eyes. I used 12mm buttons (size 18L).
Embroidery thread (for attaching buttons/ felt etc).
Felt/ fabrics (for face/ dress etc).
Polyester fibre-fill/ toy stuffing.
Sewing needle and tapestry needle.

[Cup of tea and left-over Easter egg optional]

I'll be back after the weekend with the first part of the CAL.

If you're a beginner, then  your homework is to practise your single crochet (US)/ double crochet (UK) stitches. Don't worry about increasing and deceasing stitches yet - I'll show you as we go along.
Oh, and as we'll be crocheting in the round, it might be worth having a look at the magic ring method of starting a circle (again, don't worry if this is too tricky, I've got an easier option too).

And don't forget to join our Flickr group- just click on the CAL picture over there on the right and get ready to share your CAL progress- it will be great to see what everyone's up to.
[NB Flickr is free to sign up]

Any questions? Do ask.

I look forward to seeing you next week...

.... I hope this rain stops, I've got my stall at the village Duck Race on Sunday..!

Enjoy the rest of your week,


  1. He, hee are you telling me that's all the chocolate you have left?

    I have still not decided which I'm going to make, but I will get my act together!

    I'm sure the sun will have his hat on this weekend!

  2. I'm gonna try it, Sarah..... I'll get working on my basics over the next few days, and gather together what I need for the project (including a cuppa and a little foil-wrapped choccy egg).....

  3. Oooh, and if we don't 'chat' beforehand, good luck with your stall at the duck race! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you.....

  4. Yay, think I may have to raid an old cushion for stuffing though ;)

    Can't wait to start.

    xxx Kylie

  5. Good luck on your stall. I hope it stays dry for all :-)
    Thank you for doing this tut I will collect my supplies :-)

  6. Off to the thrifty shop to see what old wool and thread they have. How exciting. Hope I can keep up. X

  7. I am reeeeaaaady! Sitting here with hook in hand.. ooo I can't wait to get started... I'm glad Faith is joining in...mind out though - she'll nick your choccy egg! Hugs, Jill x

  8. Yay! Very excited to be joining in. Had my first crochet lesson today ( in an effort to learn the basics so I'll hopefully be able to keep up with you all!

    Good luck with your stall over the weekend, fingers crossed that the weather is ok for you.

    Have a fun weekend.
    Jumbleberries xx

  9. Brilliant, been waiting for this as seem to be in a crafty funk at the moment :( Amazed that you still have any chocolate left (even that little egg). The blog's looking really jazzy and colourful by the way. Sam xx

  10. I'm ready! It's a cat for me :-)

    Good luck for the duck race tomorrow, hope you get fab weather and loads of sales!

    love Lori xxx

  11. Yikes - I've been away from my computer for almost a month and have lots of catching up to day! I see I've missed a few of your posts so can't wait to see them now. Your CAL is going to be brilliant!!!! Hope it all goes well on Sunday hon!

    See you again soon,

  12. Oh lovely, can't wait to make my pretty dolly! Just need to find some suitable yarn now...
    S x

  13. I'd like to join, I love all three. Can't wait to get started, I love CAL's.


  14. Cute!! This looks like so much fun!! If I don't make the CAL I will definitely have to come back later and try them out!

  15. i am with you !
    I 'll make a little Monk for my grand son
    i am so glad about this !


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