Wednesday 27 June 2012

Stripes and Buttons

I love stripes. 
I'm drawn to them. 
Particularly bright, sunshiny rainbow colours.
And I want to crochet them.

So what's the problem? I hear you ask.
Well, I want to make a stripy monkey. 
Here it is so far:

Stripey crochet

And, apart from the fact it is taking a baziiiiiillion times longer to make because of all the sodding colour changes, I like it. 

From the front.

But I don't really like the back.

Stripey crochet

I'm not keen on the 'steppy' colour changes (I know it's a thing with working in the round). But I'm just not sure about it. 
What do you think? Any comments gladly appreciated, as always. 

Stripes done. Now buttons.

I love stripes, as you know. But I also love buttons.
Really, I do.
They brighten up just about everything and I use them a lot. I mean, seriously. A LOT. 

Sooooo imagine my delight in winning a BUTTON giveaway from the lovely Barbara over at Made in K-town!!
Here's my package- check out those stamps from Germany.

Stripey crochet

I have to show you:

Button mosaic

Aren't they great?
And look! 
A sweet little heart pendant and some lush little glass beads (more boho bracelets, methinks)

Button giveaway win Button giveaway win1

Thank you so much, Barbara- this is a fabulous win and it really did make my day.

Right, I'm off to have fun with my buttons and go make myself a new pendant and bracelet. 

Thanks to everyone's kind comments about the jewellery- I'll be putting new things into my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks time, once I've finished with my summer craft fairs.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Love the stripe monkey, I am pathetic at joining round. Maybe the back can actually be the front and you can put a nice flower on her belly, or buttons of course. Love you win.

  2. Looove your monkey, the stripes are so cute and festive. I cannot help you with te changing colors, I do share the frustration about it, hope that helps a bit... :)

  3. I feel your pain, I love stripes too and have tried various different methods, but none really work....well that I've done... I guess as Mereknits suggests just something that goes over it may help.....maybe a long curly tail sewn to the back?

    Love your button haul, how exciting to hav new bits and bobs!

  4. Hey, nice to see that the buttons have arrived and that you like them - have fun! :)

  5. wow! what a fab giveaway to win! how exciting! some of those buttons are so pretty!
    Kate x

  6. You need the 'jogless' stripe tutorial from I'm on the iPad so no idea how to put a link in here, but if you google 'crochet jogless stripes' you'll get the link. Hope this helps! X

  7. Oh, yes, it might also be best to join the rounds rather than working in one continuous spiral.

  8. Someone already suggested this, but maybe you could join the rounds. I really like all the bright colors in your monkey. Maybe you could try and find some bright self-striping yarn. :)

  9. Oooh I love stripy monkey! I know what you mean about the steps but hey who's looking at the back when that cheeky little fella is going to have to a cheeky face! Lovely give away wins!!! Bet you have fun making with them :)

    Lovely post as always. I always enjoy popping always left with a smile :)

    Take care lovely x

    Jo x x x

  10. Love the colour changes and understand what your saying about the jilted stripe changes. A while a go i pinned a tutorial about getting rid of the steps it can be found here:

    you may find it useful Ive not had the opportunity to try it as yet.

    LOVE buttons :)

  11. Your monkey is so adorable & lovely! The changing of colors 'showing' isn't too much to fret over --- your work is amazing and if you don't opt to join each round, I 'second' the idea of flowers or buttons on the belly....cute idea!

  12. Love the colorful monkey!! I've run into the same stripe problem before! But I always thought it was fine since it was on the back and not terribly noticeable. However, I'm a little curious about trying a couple of suggestions in these comments, like joining each round instead of working in a spiral....

  13. Love the stripey monkey Annaboo,I'm afraid I havent a clue how to help,sorry.Your buttons and beads are gorgeous,happy thursday,lots of love,xxx

  14. Have a look at this tutorial for jogless stripes -
    If nothing else, it'll give you something to think about!

    Love the buttons too!

  15. Your monkey looks good so far. I wouldn't worry about the color steps; they're on the back and everyone will be looking at the front. Cute buttons! Maybe some can go on the monkey's front.

  16. I think the monkey's going to look brilliant! and you shouldn't worry about the steps at the back :-) Absolutely amazing buttons, lucky you! Laura x (Strawberry Mouse Crafts)

  17. I share you love of buttons I have a large collection but don't like using them.... Silly really. I agree with the last comment don't worry about the stepping it can't be helped. It's really looking cute already.

  18. What a delicious parcel of goodies! Love me some sweet buttons. I think the stripey monkey is adorable. Since that is the back, it really won't show much anyway, so I wouldn't worry. Enjoy his cuteness! ;-)

  19. Hi hon, I looooooooove you stripey monkey! And I feel your pain with the join issue. Is it possible to join each round and start the next with an SC? Maybe there's a reason that you have to work it in the spiral so ignore me if I'm suggesting something that won't work!! I was so pleased to see that you'd won that fabulous giveaway - it couldn't have gone to a nicer gal. Have fun with all those beauties.

    I finished my cat too! Now the children are fighting over who gets to take him to bed each night so I'm going to have to make another one (what a shame - you know how much I dislike crochet!!!!!!!).

    Have a fab weekend hon.

  20. Love the stripy monkey :-) I don't work in the round for stripes but start each round with a chain and end with a slip stitch, it disquises the joins a lot better.

    Lots of lovely buttons, I have a button thing too :-)

    love Lori xxx

  21. You KNOW I'm super-jealous of THAT giveaway win!!! So many beautiful buttons!!!
    I think the monkey's going to look great! The stripes are really fun, and I don't think you'll really look at the back when it's done.
    I love my little monkey, and all the kind comments about me on my blog have made me desperate to start on another one (I just need to find an hour or so to pop to the yarn shop).....

  22. The monkeys are super cute! And I love those buttons also ... I collect buttons and love different, new, vintage, all buttons ! I really like yr bracelets also! How fun!


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