Monday 17 September 2012

Feeling Smug

Yes, I am feeling super-smug at the moment, for I have actually completed a project.


It's been a nice little school-holiday-kinda-thing - you know the sort you can pick up, make stitch, put down, wipe small person's nose, feed cat, wipe cat food off small person (who has insisted on 'helping' to feed aforementioned feline), pick up again and make next stitch.




No counting of rows, no masses of yarn to carry around, no complicated new techniques to learn.


And so, my very first crochet cushion is made:


I have to admit to feeling very pleased with myself and was surprised by how easily it came together. I love the pattern (available here), with its circle in the centre and the white edging looks very summery (I'd like to do another surrounded in dark grey for the winter, I think).

I like the buttons which close the back too (two small people + feline = wash-ability).



Here it is in situ . On the chair where it will live:


I have had a slight crisis where a few of the stitches have come undone. I suspect the problem is the knotting coming unravelled somehow - I blame the small people and the feline for actually using the cushion, rather than moving it off the chair when they sit down (do they know nothing??!!!). Anyhoos, all has been rescued and swiftly mended before too much unravelling has occurred.



I think for my next cushion I will use something a bit more acrylic or wool-based- my only criteria is that it must be affordable and washable. Any suggestions great fully received, as always.

On a complete change of subject, can I say how marvellous Instagram is. I have fallen for its simplicity. I love to see what other people are up to and share my photos too. It's like mini-blogging. And if I like what someone has posted, I can click 'like' so they know, or I can write a comment if I have something to say.



As much as I like blogging, I am finding I have less time to comment on as many posts as I would like, which I don't feel is fair on you all. Really, I'd like to be able to press a little 'like' button to let you know that I've read and appreciated your post- that all your hard work and creativity is acknowledged and that you are very much a part of my blogging journey.



So a big thank you for taking your time to be here.

I really, really appreciate it.



Have a great week.




  1. Lovely cushion! The buttons are my favorite part about it; they are adorable and make the cushion super functional. And you definitely make a good point about the simplicity of the "like" button when you're super busy!

    Have a great week,
    Kate :}

  2. it came out so all the colors with the white,delicate.I have made a monkey face carry on baby blankie.I'm Inviting you to see it if you have time.You can make it too.Thanks for sharing your projects.
    this is the link

    Luna , happy week.... :0)

  3. Weeee! It is so cute! I adore the colors you used! Great job :)

  4. I love the cushion, wonderful pattern and colors. I am a loser because I really don't know anything about instagram, Maybe I am getting old!

  5. It's lovely - well done you!!! The buttons make it extra-cute!

  6. Love the cushion, the colours are gorgeous. I also like the cosy chair, that must be nice to sink into at the end of the day. Sam x

  7. It's very pretty, I think a grey ones would be good. I have wanted to do one with a natural wool for a while maybe in a dark brown or grey to give it texture. Check out the sunshine day baby afghan on it's gorgeous.

  8. Very beautiful cushion! The buttons are cute and functional.

  9. bellissimo il tuo cuscino, i colori sono fantastici.
    ciao Alessandra

  10. Wow what a nice cushion, good idea those buttons.

  11. And what a lovely cushion it is too! My husband has the nerve to sit on my crochet cushion, it's now very flat.

  12. it looks fantastic!! i'm attempting to do a similar pattern. i love the white around the colors like that :)

  13. Your cushion is A M A Z I N G and if I'd actually completed a project I'd be smug too. :)
    Don't worry about not having the time to comment. We know you are there and you've got a busy life with littlies.
    Anne xx

  14. love the cushion! I should try instagram! Have a wonderful week ! :)

  15. Hello!! Thanks for popping over to my blog. I feel the exact same way about blogger. Ig is si instant - I love it.
    That cushion is fab, I really hope I can make something like it soon. Xxxxx

  16. Love your cushion and I can't believe people actually thought they could sit on it either, this is the problem I have with my family! :) I'm just starting out into the world of Instagram myself, so I'll follow you there.

    S x

  17. Wow such a cute cushion. So pretty, & how rude, sit on it!!! I don't think so!

  18. Beautiful cushion! Love it :)

  19. Aw, that's gorgeous! The buttony back is super clever, too. :)

  20. Love the colors, love the buttons, love the pattern! Most of my pillows end up on the floor with the dog hair. Yours looks very pretty on your chair alongside that quilt.

  21. Great cushion! Love the colours.

    Will kids and cats never learn? What makes them do such ridiculous things ;-). I am very protective of my granny stripe, which now seeing your unravelling pictures, is going to make me worse....cotton is a bit of a bugger for not staying put, I think things with a notable texture and problem solved.

  22. Oh I really, really love it!!! I want one just like it!!! What a beautiful job you did :)))

  23. Gorgeous cushion! And how inconsiderate of the family to use it rather than admire it from afar :)

    I hear you re. the comments. I've found I manage better since setting aside time expressly for the purpose and being really disciplined about how I use it. I get so many comments and I love to comment back but it can be very time consuming.

  24. so you should feel smug, lady. You are amazing and your crochet is even more amazing.

    I completely agree with instagram, I love it. And yes it is so much easier to comment and like. Loving your photos too.

    Famfa x

  25. Fab cushion!

    It's annoying, isn't it, that children and husbands think these blankets/cushions we make are for actually using?!! All the cushions in my house are off the sofa and on the floor approximately 0.001 seconds after #2 child has got out of bed. And as if that's not enough, one end of the chevron blanket I made a couple of years ago is at least a foot wider than the other end thanks to the little darlings *sigh* !

  26. What a pretty project! You have inspired me. I love making something with those little bits left over and since I love to make dishcloths with cotton yarn, this looks like something I could work on here and there. Very pretty! Nice work! Thanks for posting.

  27. And you have every right to feel a little smug - beautiful job on your granny cushion! The colors really jump out when framed with the bright white.... nice design.

    Thanks for sharing and Job Well Done!

  28. lovely crochet makes ;0)
    beautiful creations x

  29. Beautiful cushion, defo a good one for me to try with grandees and pets, x

  30. Your cushion is absolutely stunning! I love the white - it makes all those gorgeous colours really pop. I have just had one of those 'owwwwwwwww' moments when I saw the back of it. That is such a fantastic way to do it. I will never ever do it my faffy way again - so thank you! I had to laugh at all the comments about how our families treat our crochet. My cushions are used for fighting mostly and my cat uses my blankets to practice her clawing technique - aaaargh. I feel my anxiety levels rising at the thought of it!!

    Have a fabulous weekend hon.

  31. Well the cushion is stunning! Well done you and I know what you mean, do people and animals not know that pretty things should be removed from chairs and not sat on!!

    WIth you on the time thing, I'm back here after having a lazy couple of weeks with keeping up with blogs. If I stay on top of this, facebook, and everything else I need to do every day then I have no time left to actually make stuff to sell! What's that all about, lol! So I'm trying to cut back on the online stuff a teeny bit.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie xx

  32. Lovely Cushion a big LIKE from me

  33. love your cushion, it really summery and happy colours! thanks for the pattern link .I might give this ago. I've been doing a blanket out of squares but really like these circles in squares... thanks sue~nz

  34. That is one very pretty cushion, I love how fresh it looks, if it had a flavour I bet it'd taste of chilled Perrier

  35. THAT cushion! OMG, I LOVE it! And Instagram...a resounding...YES! I'll be looking for you on Instagram later today. I am "From Any Angle" on you'll know who it is, ok? OK! I watch Instagram, but I don't post to it a lot...but I think you're's a good spot to share. And the "Like" button is perfect! Ha ha...there's a comedy show here locally and one of the advertisements they run for it is of the main character telling her best friend that "Twitter is stupid and Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read". Cracks me up each time I hear it...I'm addicted to both! Both are fabulous...but that really IS a funny line! Thanks for your comment earlier today! Hugs, Annette

  36. I'm just having a quick scroll and agreed so much about commenting that I had to comment! I added a little Like/Love box at the bottom of my blog but noone uses it. I think they could a great way of saying I stopped by if they weren't anonymous. I'm a facebooker as it's really easy to 'like' things without getting into a big chat when time is limited.

    And your cushion is beautiful!

    Sandra x

  37. Beautiful cushion cover! Love the colors:)


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