Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cosy Granny or a Granny cosy

I was rather pleased with my first foray into granny-square-making.

(You may recall the white edged circle-squares from the tutorial here which I made into a cushion.)


So I decided to make some darker edged ones to make a wintry cushion.

("Why do you need a winter cushion?" was the Mister's response. Grrrrrrr! Honestly. Does he know nothing?!!


Anyhoo I was rather pleased with the grey border. Hmmmm a nice cushion this will indeed make.

Well that was the plan.


And then I started doing other things- you know how it is. And the little stack of grey-edged squares remained a disappointingly small affair.




And then I was struck by a new idea.

A better idea.

A quicker idea.

Much more my-kinda-idea:


A granny cup cosy.



I've made cup cosies before, but this was something different.

This was very simple.

I joined 3 squares together and then edged around the whole rectangle twice with some single crochet. To make it reach around to the handle I did a couple of extra rows of sc along the short edges. I then added buttons on one edge and made two chain stitch loops on the other edge.



And that, as they say, is that.

Perfect for Christmas pressies, methinks.



And now for something completely different:

A lovely bloggy gal's luncheon at the beach!




Starring the gorgeous Gem from Treasures from the Cherry Tree, the sensational Sarah from Shabby Chic Sarah, the adorable Ashley (accompanied by her little Rose) from Country Rose, and me (with my little Annaboo too).

What a fabulous time we had at the Sea Lane Cafe!!

Beautiful sunshine, scampi and chips to die for, great company, a good giggle and a catch-up. Oh, and Rose, entertaining us with her splashy wet antics!

We have already scheduled another meeting (can't wait!!) for a mammoth charity shop session and another luncheon.

Right, am off to whip up some more granny cosies for the shop...

Enjoy the rest of the week!