Tuesday 4 December 2012

Busy ....

I love this time of year but boy, is it bonkers!


My Instagram network of buddies has bought in lots of commissions and so I've been up to my eyeballs in Imps: brown ones, red ones, lilac and pink ones...


I've made Imps for adults and Imps for children (and enjoyed every minute, I must say).

[If you fancy making your own little Imp, you can buy the pattern from my Etsy shop here]


And then, I had a wabbitty-kind-of-idea....


And Ooooooo, I LOVES a pompom maker!

What a genius little device!

Perfect for Wabbits:


Oh and there's another thing keeping me rather busy at the moment...

... I get married this Friday.

And I cannot wait....

Best wishes to you all for this festive time of year. And do enjoy the bonkerness of it all.




  1. Hope you have a wonderful day on Friday xx

  2. I love it ....this is socute , adorable.

  3. Darling girl! You must be bursting with excitement for Friday!!! All the very best on your special day hon. Loving the imps and wabbits - especially that gorgeous pompom tail!!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. You totally amaze me! How is it you have time to create such beautiful animals when you get married next week! You must be sooo busy!
    All the best for your wedding day, I hope you have an amazing day,

  5. That rabbit is so cute! And aaaahhh, you're getting married - how exciting! I hope you have a wonderful day (and put pics on your blog afterwards!!) Congratulations!
    Maria x

  6. I love the imps and wabbits ... Best wishes for Friday, I hope you have a wonderful day xxx

  7. Love your wabbit of course but...oh boy! oh boy! just throw that comment in there at the end....I'm getting married on Friday she says....wow! wow! wow!...how exciting...I'm looking forward to some gorgeous wedding photos.
    Congratulations and my very best wishes for a wonderful wedding day.

    Amanda :-)

  8. Super post. Yes you should do more but thoroughly enjoy keeping up to date via Instagram. Lots of loveliness being made.
    Have a super day Friday. Xxxxxx

  9. Congratulations! Have a great day on Friday. Are you away anywhere nice for a honeymoon?

  10. Congratulations that's wonderful news. Have a fabulous day! Sarah x

  11. Oh you sweet thing!!!!! Early congrats to you, I hope we get to see some pictures.
    Love the bunny.

  12. Congratulations!! I hope you have the very best day on Friday and good wishes for your future.
    Cute bunny!! and little people. :)

  13. Congrats! Many blessings and many happy years together!

  14. congratulations for your wedding!!
    best wishes, xxxx

  15. Congratulations on your wedding..,have lots of fun!!!!

  16. Love your cute crochet imps, absolutely great.
    Have the best and of your life on friday & a big congrats
    Karen xxxxx

  17. Congratulations for Friday my lovely!!
    You're imps and wabbits are adorable, I can see why you've been making lots for orders. I'm up to my eyeballs in orders too from facebook, no bad thing :-)xxx

  18. I love these imps and the wabbit too!
    Have a wonderful day on Friday - my wedding anniversary is the 22nd December - it's a great time to get married.
    Judy x

  19. Gawd I do love that photo of all the imps in a row! You should make cards with it! Just think of the possibilities..... I too have just pur-chased a pompom maker... I poo pooed them but then got very fed up with all that winding round cardboard recently... so now I happily wind on my plastic doo-dah and it's great! Have a fantastic rest of the week Sarah... and of course a wonderful wonderful wedding day... post us a few pics for us please? Have fun... Big hug, Jill x

  20. Such wonderful news,wishing You a wonderful Wedding day and a lifetime of love and happiness.I'll be thinking of you.xxx
    Love the Imps and wabbitsxx

  21. Congratulations. Best wishes to you for a happy day. i love the cute items you make.

  22. Oh my GOODNESS!!! You must be so excited about Friday! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day! And don't forget to show us LOTS of photos afterwards.....
    I love your bunny tail! What a brilliant use for a pompom! Did you use the CAL pattern (monkeys, etc) for the rest of the bunny? If so, I HAVE to make myself one!!!
    Hugs to the bride!

  23. Love your imps and wabbits! So so cute! Hope you have an amazing day on Friday!
    Victoria xx

  24. Oh wow, congratulations! have a fab day, it really is the bestest day of your life

  25. Have a great day Friday hon CONGRATULATIONS xxx
    The rabbit is adorable by the way
    Ella xxx

  26. Oh my goodness, how wonderful! Congratulations, dear. :)


  27. I love the wabbit :) Really adorable. I am a new follower of your blog and I am so happy to have found you. Talk about inspiration! I look forward to checking up on your blog now and again.

    -Birgitta, Iceland

  28. Love the wabbits!! I hope you have the best day Friday!! I hope we get to see some pictures! :)
    Hope you don't go too bonkers!
    Kate :}

  29. Congratulations on your Wedding!
    What an exciting time!
    I lOVE your Wabbit!!
    Do you have a pattern to pass on for this ??

  30. Congrats on becoming a Mrs!

    *heads to your Etsy shop to have a nosy*


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