Tuesday 5 March 2013

The one where she knits a really big thing

Alrighty. Knitting is a new skill for me. And not one I've mastered yet either, but I felt the need to actually make something and have a project to call my own.




I'd seen these floor cushions on the web here and recently on the high street. 'I can make that!' I thought to myself.

(and a lot blimmin' cheaper, too).




So I armed myself with some of my Hooplayarn and some mahoooooosive needles and set about finding a pattern to work with.....



This is what I used:

  • Pattern from Drops Design here (free, yay!)
  • 20mm needles
  • 3 skeins of Hooplayarn [T-shirt yarn] (I bought mine aaaages ago online. Don't worry -the pattern suggests other yarns you could use, too)
  • Bean bag filling (I bought mine from this great seller here on eBay)
  • Lining material to match your yarn choice (details below)


This is what I did:

I worked with doubled yarn, cast on 24 stitches and followed the instructions to make the cushion.

It grew quite quickly as the pattern is very easy.



I made mine until it measured 120 cms in length and boy, did it weigh a tonne to work with by the end.


I followed the instructions for how to assemble the cushion: you'll need to gather up the stitches around the bottom first..


PAC-man's knitted cousin


...sew up the sides and insert the filling.

Now, the pattern suggests you could use feather duvets. Not something I have going spare in my house, so I opted for bean bag filling. Luckily, the beanbag I bought came with an internal bag o'beans, so I stripped it of its outer cover and attempted to stuff it into the cushion.



Hehehe. Comedy failure.

Too many beans and the white material showed in a not-good way through the stitches.




So I bought lining material. No I didn't. I bought a £4 grey jersey snood from Primark, which happened to be the exact size I needed.


I used elastic bands to secure the bottom of the lining, added my beans (having removed a fair few first), stuffed the bean-filled grey snood into the cushion cover and secured the top with another elastic band.



I then gathered the stitches around the top of the knitted cushion and voila!


One floor cushion-y thing!


And my kids have already sat on it.

(I admit to holding my breath in case it all came unravelled, but so far, so good)

These would look great in different colours, and you can easily adapt the number of stitches/ rows to make bigger or smaller sizes.

Have a try. It really was a nice beginner's project.

Enjoy your week. Xx



  1. Sarah, this is epic!! Amazing for one of your first knitting projects! And clever problem solving! Looks great!
    Kate :}

  2. Darling sweetheart, you are becoming too flipping cool for the south coast!!!! Amazing! My mum in law is coming to stay for three nights this week and is aiming to teach me to knit. As I haven't even mastered crochet yet, I think she as a hard time ahead!!!!

  3. Great cushion, Sarah - very impressive for a newbie knitter! x

  4. love it! definitely something i want to make for myself one day!!

  5. It's amazing I can't wait to have a go x

  6. It's fab! I'd probably try to crochet rather than knit one. Great tip about the snood and bean bag stuffing.

  7. You knitting marvel! I adore your giant cushion and have had my eye on these on pinterest for ages! You make it look so simple hon. I love that you used a snood for the lining - just brilliant.

    As always it has been a total pleasure popping by to visit your gorgeous blog.

    Have a fab week hon.

  8. Well done Sarah!!!
    It looks great. I bet the kids are having a ball on it!

  9. Amazing project! I does not look that easy for beginners...but you did it and wonderfully so!

  10. It's so nice, love it!
    Very well done for a new knitter :)

    Have a great day!

    Lluisa x

  11. Now that is Amazing! Well done you!
    Love the comedy shot, gave me a proper giggle!
    Rachel x

  12. This is amazing! I keep seeing those in the shops and wishing I could make one. I wouldn't have the skills or patience sadly, so I shall just admire yours from afar!

  13. I can't believe you managed that as your first knitting project! I'm mightily impressed!!!
    I'd love to make one of those!

  14. That is such a cool project!
    I tried knitting a while ago, but quickly switched to crochet, as that was a lot faster to get some nice result. But with this solution, of really thick yarn and big needles, who knows, .... maybe, one day, I will give it a go again.

  15. Fantastic. Good job. Very nicely written.

  16. Oh my goodness, are you sure you are new to knitting? I think you are fearless, great job on the floor cushion thing-y. You are so, so, so talented.
    Hugs to you,

  17. So impressed with your ingenuity. Fantastic!

  18. Now this is the sort of knitting I could have a chance with! I'm a crochet girl at heart :)

  19. Brill, especially for a first project. I really fancy having a go at this but must finish grandee's cardi first, x

  20. "mahoooooosive" made my frippin day, yo.

    I have been thinking these would make an awesome addition to our living room for my boys to use. I bought some jersey fabric that I have to transform into yarny goodness first, but it is SO happening. Thank you for the ink to the pattern!

    You are on my blogroll! :D
    happy crafting!

  21. BRAVISSIMA!!!!!
    you did a great job!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  22. Imagine me looking incredibly impressed!
    Great project and don't you jusy love Primark? Youngest DD bought a scarf that was so long it was a trip hazard for £2. I unpicked it and doubled up the yarn and made a long chunky one with leftover yarn. Would have cost a fortune to by the yarn in a shop :)

  23. Great project... it looks fab!

  24. I love this - it is fantastic!

    Nikki x

  25. I love this - it is fantastic!

    Nikki x

  26. I've had a go - not as good as yours I found pulling the centre together hard.

    Starts here http://sweetpeafamilyblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/yarn-along-zpagetti.html

    finishes here

    I am going to try again :)

  27. Awwwesome! How have I never come across tshirt yarn before? It looks great to work with, what a brilliant first project :-)

  28. I've just had a go at this and finished my own 'big thing'. Mine is no where near as neat as yours (you can see it on my blog) but I'm so pleased I managed to knit something.

    thanks for the inspiration!
    Nikki x

  29. guau!!!! fantastic!!!
    YOur blog is amazing!

  30. Hi, Hey coule u Tell me is u uses short Rowe to make this pouf?


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