Saturday, 6 July 2013

The one where she makes a little doll. And then a big doll. And gets a dog.

As many of you know, I love a little amigurumi. (Japanese meaning 'knitted toy') Probably because they are so cute and fairly quick to make (and I am such a lazy crocheter at heart)

So I thought about a little doll.

With stitched hair (I didn't fancy making a wig this time)

Complete with her own crocheted clothes and accessories.

And then I wanted to make a bigger doll. I used exactly the same pattern, but held two strands of yarn together and a slightly bigger hook.

Pink hair was the order of the day. And she has clothes too.

I hope you like them.

If you fancy having a go- the pattern is available in my Etsy shop (see the link just over there in my sidebar) and contains all the instructions you need to make both the dolls and all the accessories.

Oh, and here's the reasons I've been absent these past few weeks: 
Two words:

Holiday  (Fabulous. Majorca. Hot. Pool. Sangria. 'Nuff said)

And ...
Puppy (11weeks old. Biting. Chewing. Chasing. Cuuuuuuute. 'Nuff said)

Yes, life is officially bonkers in Annaboo's House at the moment, thanks our lovely little pup.
She'is a Jug (3/4 Pug and 1/4 Jack Russell).
And we love her.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Now things are a little quieter (ha!) I look forward to having a proper catchup with your wonderful blogs. I've missed you guys!

Sarah x