Thursday, 24 October 2013


I recently had an interesting comment on an old post, which got me to thinking about an issue I've been debating for a while, concerning my patterns and the products made from them.

I have always asked people not to sell the items they make for the simple reason that I sell them in my little (shelf in a) shop in Arundel. And one day, I thought I would have my Etsy shop full of crocheted creations too.

Well, the latter has not happened. I just do not have the time.
Besides, I really prefer working on new designs (that fox is on my hook just now) and so my Etsy shop is full of crochet patterns.

And so I have decided that the products made from all my designs (whether purchased, or free) can be sold wherever you choose. I just kindly ask that credit for the design is referred back to me here, or at my Etsy shop, depending on the origin of the pattern.

Happy making, everyone.

Sarah x