Saturday 1 February 2014

The one where she starts a blanket ...

Yes, I know.
A blanket is so not me. They take too long and I am something of a crochet butterfly, flitting between quick projects with the greatest of ease.
Or so I thought..

Then I came across lots of people talking about their #crochetmoodblanket2014 on IG, started by Stacey at FroFunky.

The idea is simple, yet genius;

Choose a motif. You make 1 motif a day, choosing your colours as your mood takes you.
T'is all.
By the end of the year you will have a huuuuuuuge blanket. 

Even I can manage this in amongst all my other projects.
I decided on the African Flower Hexagons, following instructions from Yvestown's blog. Aren't they great?

Needless to say, I am a little behind- I have been working on a new pattern for the shop - but still, I am enjoying seeing this grow immensely.

I will keep you posted on my (hopefully impressive) progress throughout the project.

Here's a teaser: Fancy making a little mouse?

Coming up in my next post will be the link to another free pattern! Yay!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Sarah x


  1. Hi, I love the blanket idea and I love your African flowers. I'm so tempted to join in too ...there's still plenty of days left in 2014 !
    Love your mouse too. off to find out more on the blanket thing, thanks for sharing.
    Jacquie x

  2. Im loving the mood blanket.....but my ambitious one a day has failed! Im going to try and catch up but failing that I will change to one a week x

    Cute mouse squeak! x x x

  3. it seems like evrybody is making at least 1 blanket nowadays.. here in holland there are over 1600 women(including me) that crochet a striped blanket.. each week you get the pattern of 3 till 5 rows!!!!
    i love your african flower.. and looking forward to see the pattern of the mouse!!

  4. Aww your mouse is adorable!

    Making one square a day is a brilliant way to get a blanket done. I'd started a hexagon one in 2011 and it was taking forever so I got bored, but when I only had to make one hexagon a day it became much less of a chore :-)

  5. I'm a crochet butterfly too - not sure if I have the concentration or stamina for a large blanket? Absolutely love the idea of the mood blanket though …

    Fabulous mousie, you clever sausage.

    Heather x

  6. Pretty motifs :-) I've seen lots of squares and stripes, so I love how unique yours will be. Good luck!
    The mouse is so cute :-)
    Take care.

  7. African flowers are a great motif to crochet for a blanket!!!! your colours are gorgeous, too!!!
    Have fun crocheting your huge blanket, little by little!!!
    I'm not a huge fan of mice, but your is really sweet!
    xxxxxx Ale

  8. I am slowly but surely working through my African flower hexie blanket is a huge commitment, when, like you, I'd rather be hooking little dollies and critters and scarves! I need instant gratification...Chrissie x

  9. Oh wow!!! I didn't realise you were joining in too! That's fantastic! Can't wait to see your progress!!

  10. Love your mouse too. off to find out more on the blanket thing, thanks for sharing.
    JacquieTop Ten Web Hosting Reviews

  11. So very glad you did start a blanket! How very cheerful it will be when finished up. Those flowers are gorgeous. Love the little mouse too :)))

  12. ooh - lovely motif - that will make a fab blanket! I'm doing a mood blanket too, great fun!


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