Thursday, 22 May 2014

Advancing Deadlines

The deadline for sending the advance materials to the publishers approaches
(Eeeeek! It's all happening!!)

(The advance material is a section of the manuscript, containing some of the patterns and the physical crocheted items. This is used to mock up a kind-of early version of the book, which is used for marketing.)

I've been good at working and am the kind of person who works easily within time limits, so I think I'm on track. Mind you, I keep re-reading the text and changing bits here and there. I must stop doing this and leave it for a bit.

BTW, I am enjoying this whole writing malarkey immensely and choosing new yarn is so much fun. The ones in the above picture above are Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and they are completely delish...

Right, just a short post. I need to get on.

I'll keep you posted on bookish happenings and I have a new freebie pattern that I'm working on, too.

And so the clock ticks....