Friday, 30 December 2011

Not your granny's doily

Well I never.

Big doily

I've become a bit partial to a doily or two, since finding some in a charity shop a while back.

And then I saw this on t'internet and was inspired. A giant doily rug? Genius!

Rug inspiration

You know me by now- I do love some chunky yarn and a big hook, so I bought some lush Hoopla yarn from the lovely Stocki at Stockton Crafts and a mahooooousive 20mm (comedy) hook and got making.

Big doily

Pattern from here
(What, I ask you, did we do before Ravelry?)

Big doily

The Hoopla yarn is great fun and easy to work with (mine has some stretch to it) and as it's made from selvedges from the textile industry, eco-friendly too. It does have a few joins and isn't perfect, but that, I think, adds to its charm.

Big doily

The only problem?

Big doily

Mine is a leeeeetle bit too small. I only used about half the yarn!

Back to the drawing board, methinks with a slightly bigger doily pattern...

(...if anyone has any patterns they think would work, I'd love to know)

Have a happy, happy, happy New Year!