Thursday 15 December 2011

Woaaaaahhhh! Slow down, December.

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Don't you realise that you are slipping away from me at light-speed?
I have not written Christmas cards, wrapped presents or baked Mince pies.
I have not organised things to keep the children happy over the holidays.
I have not made hand-made presents for the people I wanted to. 
I have not finished Christmas shopping.

And when did I last write a blog post or read everyone else's? 
Eons ago, it appears.

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But December, I am being a little unfair, for you mark the anniversary of my beginnings.

It is a year ago that I decided I needed something to 'engage the grey matter' after giving up my beloved teaching to become a mummy.
So I learned to crochet.
Something I never really thought I'd be able to do (due to calamitous knitting attempts in the past) but learn I did.
I can't crochet anything really complicated, but I have mastered a few basics, explored a few cheats, and made stuff that people actually want to pay for, which amazes me completely.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

And from those tentative beginnings a year ago, I am starting a little business selling the things I make. Nothing huge. Nothing much. Just some crochet and some little wooden blocks.

So there we are, December; I know that there are only 10 days to go and although I am panicking ever so slightly about getting it all done, I know that I will.

And most importantly, I have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family to look forward to.
And for these things, I am most glad.

Happy, happy Christmas to you all.


  1. I think everyone is reading your blog known they're in the same boat, I know I am! I am crocheting like a loon, haven't written cards or wrapped either, I haven't dared starting my food list as I think it may tip me over the edge.

    I love Christmas but every year make a ridiculously unachievable list and then get cross I haven't ticked it all off....silly me!

    You have achieved so much in a year, big pat on th back me thinks.x

  2. Yeah I agree with the lovely Faith. December is mad for us all. Maybe we all have high expectations or put too much unnecessary pressure on ourselves.
    You have indeed done so well and you should be tres proud!!
    Am moving to your neck of the woods in Jan, maybe our paths will cross!
    Email me for more details.
    xx x

  3. I just love your crochet toadstool every time I see it!!

    Don't give up on the knitting though, I tried again this year after mastering crochet and after a two hour class at our local wool shop I can actually do it!!

    S x

  4. I learned about a year ago too! I was an inept knitter, but crochet is so much easier!

    You make such lovely things, I would have guessed you were a lifetime crocheter though!!

  5. I am with you, no cards, still shopping and frankly in a panic. I am so glad you decided to crochet and blog. I love your blog as you already know and I think your crochet skills far, far surpass mine. Remember to breath and enjoy the little ones and their glee this time of year.

  6. I had to giggle - it seems we're all going a bit nutso at this time of the year. It's kind of nice to know we're not alone in our disorganised-ness!!! I absolutely love your photo mosaic - all that crochet goodness. I cannot believe you've only being doing it a year - what a pro!!

    Have a fab weekend hon. Embrace the chaos and make another cuppa!

  7. Hello you! Missed your updates but am in the same boat; loads to do and not enough time.

    My advice is to get your list out, pour a glass of wine, and actually diarise the stuff you need to. Make an appointment in your diary for finishing off those hand-made Christmas pressies, for example, and stick to it. It helps the stress levels and makes your list look more manageable. It's the only way I'm getting through my Christmas preps at the moment without feeling overwhelmed.

    I'll jump off my soapbox now!

    Hey, you said in your post that you've only learned to crochet recently and you can't master anything complicated - I completely disagree! That toadstool looks HUGELY complicated, I think you've discovered a hidden genius inside yourself!


  8. I am sure you will get it all done - no panic. Your work is beautiful and that toadstool is amazing. Have a beautiful Christmas. Liz xx

  9. You know that old song: "You took the words right out of my mouth..." (not the second line...we weren't kissing at the time of course ...ummm... that sounded know what I mean..I think I'll just copy your post and paste it into my page! December IS the fastest month of the year... Home Bird's suggestion s a good one though isn't it? I shall try that.... Hope it all goes smoothly and stresslessly-ish :)x

  10. What a beautiful Christmas tree balls!

  11. I thought you'd disappeared for a bit! Guessed the whole Christmas coming up and no time to do it all had happened :-)

    Hope your little business does great for you, the blocks are gorgeous and your crochet is lovely too so I'm not at all surprised people are willing to pay for it.

    Have a lovely Christmas sweetie!

    p.s. I have a giveaway at the moment if you fancy entering :-)

  12. I always feel inspired after reading your posts :) lovely pics as always and I totally can it possibly be the 16th already?! Eeeeekkkk!

    Have a super weekend x

    Jo x x x

  13. I can totally relate!! I keep telling December to slow its roll!!!! I'm kind of in Christmas panic mode and doing some sort of craft every moment I can...

    I can't believe you've only been crocheting a year!! I'm totally amazed at what you've accomplished. You are are one very talented lady!!!! I think we all can't wait to see what you can do this coming year!

  14. Totally get you on that! I have to get all my cards written today then start, yes start my Christmas shopping!! I have never been so disorganised. I have been awake 2-3hours during the night every night for over a week stressing about it. But somehow it all gets done in the end :)
    You should be very proud of your achievements, you FO's are just lovely.

  15. Nothing too complicated, I can only dream of creating a toadstall out of crochet! Well done of creating your business, not surprised it is doing well x

  16. Happy Crochetaversary to you, dear! I'm so madly in love with all your fairytale yarny things. And you will get it all done, you really will. :)

  17. Loved seeing your great makes all for all the rest, you know we all have a super woman side to us.....don't we???????
    Enjoy my friend!!!!
    Lots of love Karen xx

  18. Merry Christmas! I have awarded you a blog award:

    Thank you for your lovely posts. X

  19. Hi there, and thank you ,thank you for the lovely happy birthday song , after you said what it was i read through it and could totally make out the tune......made me chuckle.

    Thanks luvvy Pixie x

  20. Lovely post, sorry am a bit late commenting, been a bit preoccupied myself lately too.

    I have received your giveaway and I am so happy. You are such a talented lady (sure I have told you before). I feel very privaliged to own some of your work.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  21. Hiya! I'm Jenn and I am rather new to your blog. I came this way via a pattern for some crochet Christmas trees. :) I can't wait to see what else I can find on this lovely blog! I love your picture of your crocheted stuff in this post. I hope I can make some stuff like that this year!!!

    Happy Friday!!
    <3 Jenn

  22. Just found your blog and I love it. What did you use to glue the lace and twine on the jar candles? They are beautiful!


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