Friday 10 February 2012

And here is the news...

There is lots to tell.

For those of you who are too busy to read all of this post, here are the headlines:

I am selling my wares in a shop in Arundel
I have received a surprise parcel from a bloggy friend 
I have been given lovely awards
I am selling in a real life shop where real people go and buy things with real money.
I have had a fab 'ohmegosh what a small world' moment.
Oh, and did I mention that I am selling in a shop?

Right, I shall try not to make this too dull.

My shop
Well, not actually my shop.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

A rented shelf in a handmade crafts shop.
In the beautiful city of Arundel.
It's a fabulous co-operative owned shop set in an old church. Other shops are there too selling vintage wot-nots. I have to pay a small monthly rental fee and work one half day in the month. 
I did my first session today and set up my shelf. 
I loved it!!

Surprise parcel.
Do you read Signed With An Owl
Yes? Good.
No? Well you should. 
Kate is a clever crafter who crochets, embroiders, sews and generally makes cool stuff. Check her out.
Anyway, a while ago, Kate won one of my giveaway prizes.
Then, she sent ME a parcel to say thank you!






Thank you, you wonderful girl. This is all beautiful and thoughtful and just gorgeous.xx

Lovely awards
More thankyou-s.
This time to the lovely peeps who have bestowed bloggy awards on me:
Sam at A Bucketful of Everything
Jill from Stocki
Barbara from Made in K-town
Radish's mum from Harryraddishbean
And I'm sure there was another- I'm so sorry, I cannot remember who. (if it was you, do let me know and I'll update this post)

Thank you.
I shall do a proper awards post when I can, but seriously, thanks. I really appreciate it.

Small world moment.
Do you read Treasures from the Cherry Tree
Yes? Good.
No? Well you should. 
Gem writes a treat of a blog about her many escapades and of course, her amazing Cherry Tree Shop finds. 
So, she has recently relocated to my part of the world. We had plans afoot to meet up, do coffee and charity shopping.
THEN, my bestie mate, Debs sends me a text yesterday saying that a new neighbour called Gemma, who writes a blog, has moved in opposite her, and she's just been over for coffee!!

Cripes!!  Small world, or what??

So apologies for my absence again in the land of Blog- I have been a tad busy wot with making all ye olde shoppe stock.. Am off now to try to catch up with you all. 

Have a great Friday, all.


P.S. Did I tell you that I'm selling in a shop?   


  1. I am so excited for you!!! I know you well sell oodles of things and everyone who comes across your self in the shop will be thrilled.
    Happy Weekend,

  2. Congratulations on having your very own shelf space to sell your gorgeous things. Wishing you every success.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Anne xx

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I here you're selling in a shop? ;)

    Seriously, well done you! Exciting times :D

  4. congrats on the shop- that's awesome news!!!
    And making the world even smaller, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners in Kate's Pay it Forward, and will thus be doing my own pay it forward!!
    AND I love Gem's blog, and read about your neighbour at hers yesterday!!!
    Hows that for six degrees of Kevin Bacon hey??

  5. Congrats and kudos on selling in a shop! You are living my dream..... Also congrats on all your blog awards! Blessings and more successes! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. That's great! You make such wonderful things and I am sure your shelf is going to be a great hit. Best Wishes!

  7. That is AMAZING! Where I live a similar shop just opened. I'm hoping to get my stuff in there by the end of the year. So excited for you...and your product looks lovely.

  8. What great news! Imagine having your own little shop space. I love how you have set it up too ~ very inviting to all those prospective customers. Wishing you loads of luck and Very Well Done to you :O)xx

  9. Your shelf looks fabulous - no-one will be able to resist those gorgeous little bunnies! Look at their ickle faces ...

    I read Gem's blog - she's so lovely - how fab that you will get to meet up.

    Have a super weekend.


  10. You are SO BLOODY LUCKY to have Gem just down the road from you. You will adore her. She is hilarious. She is batty. She is beautiful. She is full of fun. She is complicated and sometimes wobbly. She is adorable and I love her so much and I know you will too.

    So, let me get this straight, did I understand correctly, that you are selling your stuff in a real life shop, or did I dream that up? ;oD


  11. You clever girl....but gotta say I'm not a bit surprised, first the cooperative shop, next world domination! So, so pleased for you!

    If i ever mentioned that I blog 'round these parts, people would just look confused and change the subject, so how nice to have another real blogging friend.

  12. Fantastic! So well done! A real shop! With real people! (Am I overdoing the exclamation marks here? I don't think so!) It sounds like a great place, and I wish I was closer so I could come to see. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be a biiig success.
    Jane x

  13. Well done that girl, selling in a real life shop! Excellent news. I can't wait to meet you. Re cuckoo and her description of me, I am wobbly at times, especially after three toblerones in three days. Yes, the large ones...
    And yes I am complicated...what is 1.2234 x 342@£&78(???
    See? Very complicated!
    Seriously, really looking forward to catching up, just to prove I am not that complicated, wobbly or beautiful! I may disappoint!
    Had a lovely time at debs house, our girls hit it off too!
    Maybe you can help me improve my crochet!
    X x x

  14. Yay - get you with your fancy shop! Congratulations, that is so exciting! I hope it goes really well for you :o)
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  15. H there and heaps of congratulations to you...with everything....especially the shop...HOOOOOORRAY...

  16. That is totally terrific hon! Your wares look absolutely gorgeous, displayed beaufifully, made beautifully and ready to be loved by someone lucky enough to be in your neck of the woods. Remember us small people when you're rich and famous won't you!! Love the small world thing - isn't it nuts when that happens? Have a fab week gorgeous girl. Leah xx

  17. Ooooo lovely shop shelf!! What a fab way to sell your stuff and get to work there too selling lovely things :-)
    You'll sell tons, especially with those adorable bunnies sitting there!

    T'was me with the blog award :-) You have got a lot lately! Not that I'm surprised as your blog is lovely!

    Oh you're selling in a shop ?!

    It's a very small world indeed and lovely to have a bloggy friend nearby :-)

    Oh yes and well done on selling in the shop :-)

    Lori xxx

  18. Congratulations on all your awards... as faith says - most people I know don't even know what a blog is! I LOVE that mug rug you were given...what a lovely treat. The shop sales... well that's just pleased for you... and I wish I lived near to Arundel so that I could go there! :)x

  19. Congratulations for you for SO MANY things!!! :-)
    A space in a REAL shop - that's amazing!!! Your shelf looks gorgeous. I'm sure you'll do really well from it!
    And all those awards - well, you definitely deserve them!!!

  20. Thanks, Lori (Hippywitch).
    I knew thee was someone else!

  21. You're welcome, and thanks for the kind words!

    More importantly, congratulations!!! So if I understand correctly, you are selling in a shop?!! How exciting!!!!!!! Your stuff will fly off the shelves!

  22. Fab well done on having you very own space.....must feel really good! I'm going to be searhing the Charity shops this week to make a little monster thansk for the tutorial xx

  23. Congratulations on the shop, or being in a shop anyway - great news!

    S x

  24. Well look at you! :) congrats on your wares being sold in a real shop to real people with real money. How exciting! All of your goodies look so lovely! xo

  25. Congratulations on the shop!!! How exciting, and what a great idea with the shelf thing. Everything looks lovely.
    Must check out the blogs you mention!

    Gill xx

  26. I actually went to said shop in the week during my lunch break and fell in love with your crochet head warmers. They are a bargain and I will be purchasing one next week. Picked up your card and here I am now.

  27. congratulations! your shelf look great!

  28. I missed this post. Been sick with the flu for 12 days!!!:( I am so thrilled you set up shop in a little rental booth and loved it! Your pretties all look wonderful on display. The best of luck with it.

  29. I love how you display your items! Lucky you to have received all those lovely things! BTW Love your bunnies!


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