Friday, 10 February 2012

And here is the news...

There is lots to tell.

For those of you who are too busy to read all of this post, here are the headlines:

I am selling my wares in a shop in Arundel
I have received a surprise parcel from a bloggy friend 
I have been given lovely awards
I am selling in a real life shop where real people go and buy things with real money.
I have had a fab 'ohmegosh what a small world' moment.
Oh, and did I mention that I am selling in a shop?

Right, I shall try not to make this too dull.

My shop
Well, not actually my shop.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

A rented shelf in a handmade crafts shop.
In the beautiful city of Arundel.
It's a fabulous co-operative owned shop set in an old church. Other shops are there too selling vintage wot-nots. I have to pay a small monthly rental fee and work one half day in the month. 
I did my first session today and set up my shelf. 
I loved it!!

Surprise parcel.
Do you read Signed With An Owl
Yes? Good.
No? Well you should. 
Kate is a clever crafter who crochets, embroiders, sews and generally makes cool stuff. Check her out.
Anyway, a while ago, Kate won one of my giveaway prizes.
Then, she sent ME a parcel to say thank you!






Thank you, you wonderful girl. This is all beautiful and thoughtful and just gorgeous.xx

Lovely awards
More thankyou-s.
This time to the lovely peeps who have bestowed bloggy awards on me:
Sam at A Bucketful of Everything
Jill from Stocki
Barbara from Made in K-town
Radish's mum from Harryraddishbean
And I'm sure there was another- I'm so sorry, I cannot remember who. (if it was you, do let me know and I'll update this post)

Thank you.
I shall do a proper awards post when I can, but seriously, thanks. I really appreciate it.

Small world moment.
Do you read Treasures from the Cherry Tree
Yes? Good.
No? Well you should. 
Gem writes a treat of a blog about her many escapades and of course, her amazing Cherry Tree Shop finds. 
So, she has recently relocated to my part of the world. We had plans afoot to meet up, do coffee and charity shopping.
THEN, my bestie mate, Debs sends me a text yesterday saying that a new neighbour called Gemma, who writes a blog, has moved in opposite her, and she's just been over for coffee!!

Cripes!!  Small world, or what??

So apologies for my absence again in the land of Blog- I have been a tad busy wot with making all ye olde shoppe stock.. Am off now to try to catch up with you all. 

Have a great Friday, all.


P.S. Did I tell you that I'm selling in a shop?