Thursday 19 April 2012

Uses for Crochet flowers. Number 2

Crochet flower hair clips

Crochet flower hair clips

Make some more crochet flowers. Pattern here.

Add button, glue/ stitch to hair clip.

Another easy make. 
Soon to be for sale on my Duck Race stall and in the shop.

And yes, I can make these flowers in my sleep... *actually I wish I COULD crochet in my sleep- it would save me soooooo much time*



  1. You clever goose. Going to try these but have a book to read for book club, plus a book I can't put down, plus my granny blanket which is not really growing, plus my freelance writing.


    Enjoy shopping tomorrow, hope you get sorted. Catch up soon.

    Next couple of weeks are busy but perhaps after that you and the gal can over for lunch with Debs.

    Mwah for now x x

  2. Hi , I love all your flower make and hope they sell really well...the red white and blue hairband is my fave :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. These are super cute! I hope sales go well for you!

    Have you started dreaming you are crocheting yet? I sometimes do that when I've been doing a lot! Slightly worrying...!

  4. I l hjust wish I could crochet!! I would love to be able to make such gorgeous flowers. xx

  5. Crochet in your sleep... would be amazing!
    Love your crochet flowers, your cards for your clips are cute too!
    Rachel x

  6. Super cute! I bet they'll sell really well!

  7. Don't we all wish we could craft in our sleep!

    I have things that I could knit with my eyes closed but not sure whether I could continue if I did nod off!!

    Those flower slides are beautiful as are your headbands that I saw on your blog.
    Fleur xx

  8. These are so cute. An I agree I could get so much more done if I could crochet in my sleep, or maybe crochet awake and do laundry in my sleep.
    Hugs to you,

  9. These are adorable, Sarah!!! They are crocheted, they are pretty colours, and they have buttons on them - so many of my favourite things in one pretty package!!! :-)

  10. Loving how you've displayed them on your Annaboo's house cards - really adds to their gorgeousness! I WILL work out how to make them, one day!

  11. These are too darn cute!!!

  12. Totally and utterly adorable hon!! They will sell like hotcakes I bet you. They look so gorgeous the way you've presented them too.

    Mmm sleep crochet - boy we'd get so much made wouldn't we. I woke up at 1.30 this morning and actually considered getting up to work on my blanket. Truly addicted!

    Have a fab weekend!

  13. Lovely!I am sure the will sell well.

  14. Absolutely lovely! Thank you!

  15. More fabulousness! Crocheting up a storm there girl, the stall will be groaning under the weight of all the lovely makes :-)

    Lori xxx

  16. Love the flowers, will try to make some too. I wish I could crochet on my sleep too!


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