Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blue Monk(ey) and Friends

I absolutely cannot make any more crochet flowers.
I need to, to boost my stocks for the shop and the stall, but no. I am done.

So what to make next?
Why a blue monk(ey) of course.
(brown is so last season, don't you think?)

Crochet Monkey

This little monk (all monkeys are called 'Monk' in my house) uses one 50g skein of Rico cotton- (so quite a thrifty make, really) and loads of US Single Crochet/UK Doubles (easy, too).

Crochet Monkey

Crochet Monkey

This had me wondering whether the same pattern would work with an odd 50g ball of Noro Kureyon I had lurking in my woolly piles (from my amazing Noro-tastic treasure found in a charity shop yonks ago). 

Kureyon Crochet Cat

Not a Monk, but A Kureyon Kat!
(using the same pattern, but with a slight variation on the ears)

Kureyon Crochet Cat

And in fact, the pattern makes this doll, too:

 Crochet doll finished

A one-size-fits-all kind of pattern. Just change the ears/tail/hair combos...

..... So that got me thinking-
And I feel a bit nervous asking you all, but.. 

Would anyone like the pattern? 
No, bit of a boring post. 
Would anyone like a tutorial? 
No, that would be a ginormous task, so..

.....does anyone fancy a Crochet-A-Long with me ....?

I thought I might explain a little bit of the pattern each week, with a photo tutorial (suitable for beginners and pro's alike) and we could all make a little monk/kat/doll/whatever-you-fancy together...?

I'll break it into manageable steps with a week or so between each post to give you plenty of time to ask questions and have a go.

I'd love to know if anyone's interested. 

Crochet Monkey

And yes, that is a crochet flower on Monk's head. 
I know, I know. I can't help it.

Someone call the crochet police and have me put away.....