Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vintage cotton crochet bowls

Vintage cotton crochet bowls

Made this week by moi for sale at my duck-race-stall next weekend.
I found the vintage cotton in the local antique shop. 

Vintage cotton crochet bowls Vintage cotton crochet bowls

It's called Stutt's Candlewick Cotton and is from the 1950s. It's very thick and sturdy to work with- if you wanted something similar you could work with 2 strands of cotton yarn together.

Anyhoo, a short post this week. Too much to do...

..must run.

Want to make a Monk, Kat or Dolly?

Vintage cotton crochet bowls

CAL coming soon- thanks to everyone for your interest and smashing comments.

Back soon.



  1. Love the baskets, I bet they fly off the shelf at the market. I am thinking a dolly crochet-a-long is a fab idea. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  2. What a find, that cotton looks fabulous and what colours! Your bowls are the perfect way to put it to use.

    So looking forward to your CAL - I have my eye on the monkey!


  3. Crochet bowls are fab! I'll bet you do well at the races.

    Can't decide what I will make yet, but certainly wouldn't mind some Noro to do it with.

  4. Awww v pretty! And lucky you with that excellent find at the antiques shop x

  5. Cor, that cotton's a bit of a find! I'm well jeal (I'm also really down with the kids, you know...)
    I don't think I left a comment on your last post (that's the problem with reading posts on my phone), but just to say that I think a CAL is a brilliant idea and I can't wait to join in!
    Emily x

  6. I love the vintage cotton yarn..the color is just perfect..:)
    lovely amigurumi doll you have there..:)

  7. Those little baskets are so cute! Love the blue monk too! Adorable!
    Rachel x

  8. Love the vintage finds - and love the little bowls!!! :-)

  9. Those bowls are peachy, and cotton yarn is my favorite at the moment.
    My Noro is waiting for the cat!

  10. baskets are awesome, but most of all I adore monk, kat and dolly!!!!!!!! they are super cute!!

  11. I love the colours and the baskets look gorgeous. Lovely dolls too. Liz xx

  12. I'm eagerly waiting for the crochet-a-long. Love the bowls too xxxxx Kylie

  13. Love that wool, and the colours are beautiful. Great bowls.

  14. Oooo lovely bowls! What pretty colours too.

    I'm thinking it's going to be a cat for me in the CAL :-)

    Lori xx

  15. Son una preciosidad. Me gustan mucho los Bowls!! Amazing!


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