Monday 9 July 2012

Still with the stripes

I have FINALLY finished my stripy monkey.
I used Rico Creative Cotton and the CAL monkey pattern (with a couple of tweaks).

The stripy monkeys

It was an enjoyable project to work on, especially once I'd mastered Jogless Stripes but blimey, it took ages to make all those colour changes on every round.

The stripy monkeys

So it got me thinking.... There must be an easier way... (I am such a lazy crocheter, after all)

..... And then it struck me. Of course - self-striping yarn.

Now I've had a go with a few dodgy yarns in the past, where there are only short runs of colour and the results are, quite frankly, pants.

I had seen this stuff (Red Heart Economy Super Saver) on t'interweb and so, after not finding anything quite so chunky or cheap here, ordered myself some from the USA.


top to bottom:
Peruvian Print, Primary, Stars and Stripes, Heartfelt, French Country.   

[Even with shipping, 10 balls of this lovely stuff still only cost me just over £30. Not bad, methinks.]

It has good long runs of colour and as it's worsted weight, makes a nice chunky monkey. And being acrylic, not as bright as the Rico Cotton, but still ok.

The stripy monkeys

Oooo, they look very serious, don't they?
And so, from left to right you have:
Heartfelt, French Country, the Rico Monk, Stars and Stripes, Peruvian Print.
(I'm working on a Primary one right now)

I love that Peruvian Print. Reeeeeally long colour runs here. And I like the effect. Very, erm, Peruvian.

So my wonderful bloggy friends- do any of you know of any good striping yarns? Do let me know. I'd love to try them.

Have a great week.


  1. I love stripes too I think the Peruvian one if my favourite along with your brightly striped one. I used twilleys freedom spirit a few times for leg and arm warmers and a bag. It was lovely and soft because it was pure wool and it had really subtle stripes and lovely soft romantic colours maybe not suitable for naughty monkeys?
    How do you have time to make so many monkeys?? You must be very fast your hook must have sparks flying from it.

  2. I really love that original stripey monkey!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a lot of hardwork, though, so I think I'd end up going down the self-striping yarn route! The different effects are great. (Although the first is still my fave - love him!)
    Maria x

  3. Redheart is great for projects like that. Some of it is good for wearables, I used the Primary for a sweater for my daughter and it looks great. Redheart is durable and really inexpensive. The monkeys look great. Nice job, and quick too.

  4. The monkeys are great, I reckon your redheart sounds bargainiferous, I may well seek some out, is there not any fees on that sort of thing, I'm not sure how stuff like that works.

  5. Woo you work fast girl! These monkeys are superb. I love them. Also the stripey yarn is fab. Xxx

  6. Your monkeys are gorgeous. The Peruvian one is so cute!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  7. I would definitely opt from the self striping yarn! As I looked at your monkey come together, I said to myself, 'yeah, I'm not going to do that!'

    such perseverence!!

  8. I love them they are adorable even if a bit serious. But they have serious monkey business to get to, I bet the bunch of them could get into a lot of trouble.

  9. I love stripey monkey so much! His friends are pretty adorable too. I'm loving your new yarn too - now that's a much easier idea than changing colours as you go! I'm all for anything that makes crochet speedier. Have a fab week gorgeous girl.

  10. My local (big) Sainsbury's store stocks a small range of the red heart yarn including the self striping for around £2.99 a ball (I think) so maybe worth checking your local store if you have a largish one near you.

  11. I do miss Red Heart yarn. It is my favorite as it works up so thick. We can't find anything like that here in Kuwait. Mostly very thin cottons and acrylic. I know that those color changes were a big pain but your little rico monkey turned out so cute! Thank goodness for variegated yarns that make your monkey making ways so much easier. They are all so absolutely adorable. and I love the yarn names. Have a great week. Tammy

  12. Anchor MagicLine! Selfstriping cotton yarn, 3mm hook, perfect for amigurumi's :)

  13. Love all the colourful stripes!

    For stripy yarn - try King Cole Splash 100% acrylic DK. I used it for these at
    Lucy Ravenscar also used it for her tooterphants - see

  14. I love them all. The red heart yarn is just perfect. Well done!!!

  15. The peruvian monk is my favourite too. You have been very productive! For self striping yarn I would suggest Catania (Schachenmayer), which has a few very nice striped options. Scheepjeswol (Dutch brand) also has quite a few stripy options. I'm already looking forward to what you come up with next! :-) Warm regards, R.

  16. Stripes are fantastic - my fave is definately the Rico. For self-striping yarn have a butchers at Sirdar Smiley Stripes, a friend knitted a little cardi for my youngest in the 'Razzmatazz' colourway and it looked like she had done the stripes herself - it's got a nice feel to it too as it's a bamboo/wool blend. Loving your work by the way x

  17. Love the monkeys, they are so cute with their little serious faces (and monkeys do have serious faces after all). I have found King Cole Riot to be very successful with crochet as the colour changes are really long. I recently make a amineko cat with the chunky and, although the pictures don't show the stripes as in this colourway they are subtle, I was very pleased with the striping.
    There are quite a lot of brightish colours available so it might be worth a look, one ball made a big Amineko (about 35 cm in length) easily though I do crochet very tight.

  18. Ah maaaaan - those are some of the best looking monkeys I've ever seen! Have to say, the rico one is just gorgeous and that self-striping yarn looks amazing. You are one creative bean, Mrs.
    Emily x

  19. Love stripes. Love your new stipey monks too. Have seen striped wool in Walmart. Wil take photos next time and send them. Can always send you some wool if you want x

  20. I love how the self-striping yarn looks on your little monks! They are very cute indeed!
    I bought myself some new yarn yesterday, so I'm going to be spending my hols crocheting up some friends for MY little monkey. You've got me addicted to this monkey-making lark!!! I think I might give a little dolly a go, too.

  21. LOVE!!! I still think the Rico one is best but they are all gorgeous, look forward to seeing the primary one as that's my favourite of the fab new yarns you bought :-)

    p.s. I have just started a giveaway if you want to enter my lovely :-)

    Have a great week
    Lori xxx

  22. All of your monks are awesome. I think you are doing great with the stripy yarn you have now... but do love your original one!

    Keep creating and thank you so much for sharing!


  23. Cal is a wantable guy! I bought RED heart in the USA last year and fetched some home.....just wish I had bought more now x

  24. Dang, girl, those are super cute! I'm loving the lil ears! :)

  25. you can try Katia Yarn..they are superb cotton with the bright colors as well.. :)


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