Monday, 9 July 2012

Still with the stripes

I have FINALLY finished my stripy monkey.
I used Rico Creative Cotton and the CAL monkey pattern (with a couple of tweaks).

The stripy monkeys

It was an enjoyable project to work on, especially once I'd mastered Jogless Stripes but blimey, it took ages to make all those colour changes on every round.

The stripy monkeys

So it got me thinking.... There must be an easier way... (I am such a lazy crocheter, after all)

..... And then it struck me. Of course - self-striping yarn.

Now I've had a go with a few dodgy yarns in the past, where there are only short runs of colour and the results are, quite frankly, pants.

I had seen this stuff (Red Heart Economy Super Saver) on t'interweb and so, after not finding anything quite so chunky or cheap here, ordered myself some from the USA.


top to bottom:
Peruvian Print, Primary, Stars and Stripes, Heartfelt, French Country.   

[Even with shipping, 10 balls of this lovely stuff still only cost me just over £30. Not bad, methinks.]

It has good long runs of colour and as it's worsted weight, makes a nice chunky monkey. And being acrylic, not as bright as the Rico Cotton, but still ok.

The stripy monkeys

Oooo, they look very serious, don't they?
And so, from left to right you have:
Heartfelt, French Country, the Rico Monk, Stars and Stripes, Peruvian Print.
(I'm working on a Primary one right now)

I love that Peruvian Print. Reeeeeally long colour runs here. And I like the effect. Very, erm, Peruvian.

So my wonderful bloggy friends- do any of you know of any good striping yarns? Do let me know. I'd love to try them.

Have a great week.