Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tatsy Bear (a tale of brushing your ami)

Tatsy Bear

You can tell I have kids.
I wanted to make a Teddy bear (a bit like the one Peppa Pig has) - you know, big head, little body and teeny tiny arms and legs.

So I did. 
I found a ball of random mohair-ish stuff in my stash and played around a bit.

Tatsy Bear

Then I thought I'd brush it.   
(I even made a special trip to the pet shop buy a special pet slicker brush)

Tatsy Bear

But let me warn you, brushing is a no-return affair.
Once you start, there's no going back. 
You must persevere. 
(Scratching your fingers as you go, I found)

And then? 
You wonder if you did the right thing.
If perhaps, you preferred it before you attacked it with the dog brush....?

Tatsy Bear

Much fun, anyhows.

And before I go lovely peeps, I must apologise to many of you for not being able to comment on your smashing blogs.
It seems that Blogger, combined with my iPad (which is in need of an update) have decided that I cannot comment on those of you with an embedded comment box. (If you have a commenty pop-up-box like me, then I can)
So sorry.
Hope to catch up with you all soon.