Monday, 13 August 2012

Dabbling with Grannies

So, I've been crocheting for about 18 months now and decided that the time has come for a grown-up project.

Something with Granny squares, I decided.

I've admired their simplicity and their diversity.

I've been ogling lots of lovely blankets and cushion covers for ages and have bookmarked lots of amazing pictures and projects to inspire me.

And then I saw this over at Wisecraft's blog and I was smitten:

Love the pattern.

Love the colours.

Love the styling of the photo, too.

And I thought, THAT's my project.

So, after mastering the pattern (easy-peasy) I am off in a world of granny-goodness.

At the moment I am planning a cushion cover. But who knows...?

One thing is for sure, I am addicted to these little beauties, they are blissfully therapeutic to make, and I love seeing them grow into a little stack.


Wish me luck...

Oh, and one more thing, here's something else I've been enjoying making:

Handmade fabric-covered rings.

Available now in my Etsy shop.

Happy week to you all!