Monday 6 August 2012

I am LOVING...

 ...Red Clogs

Clippity Clog

Aren't they just lush?
Less than £10 from my good friend, eBay.
I must admit, it's taken me a while to pluck up the courage and the right look to wear them, but now tis done and clog-wearing is my new thang. Comfy and quirky. (And you can hear me coming a mile off)
Which colour to buy next, I wonder?

....Crochet shoes:

Oooo, much quieter

These little beauts were reduced to £2 in Primark. What's not to love here?
I thought they needed a little button to cuten them up even more.

...More bargains from le high street:

Two super-snuggly wool hats from Monsoon.
Reduced from £15 to ONE POUND each. I kid you not. It would have been criminal to leave them in the shop, methinks.

 ....And my newest addiction.

Oh dear, the housework will never be done again, I fear.

So cool.
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Have a great week!
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  1. Oh them is like, WELL phat!! Are they comfy??? I can just see us clip clopping down to the Wool Bar!!!
    very swish. Sorry I couldn't meet up today. are you free next week?
    I may not be kid free though.
    X x

  2. Loving your are certainly miss bargainiferous. I have to say to make your ne found clog-styl more quirky how about putting pig-tail plaits in your hair and wiring them upwards like Pippy long stocking....I did it once for a school themed day when I was a young (foolish) LSA

  3. Nice ....long time don;t see those type of clogs.They are cute.have a nice week!

  4. Those clogs are FAB! What kind of fit are they? True to size? I'd love a pair but not sure if they'd be ok for my wide feet! x

  5. The shoes and hats are so cute

  6. Thanks for hopping over to my blog with the clog info! :) Love, Tina xx

  7. I am LOVING those clogs!!!!!!

  8. pretty pretty shoes and the button is a must to finish off that look!!!

    I've forgotten all about wearing clogs.....I used to and why don't I have a pair now? I should have 'cos I love clogs :-)


  9. I have total and utter shoe envy!!!! They are adorable. I love the red - fab choice madam.

    I do love a good bargain filled post like this!

    Hope you're having a fab week hon.

  10. Oh my, I'm going to have to find you on Instagram! Soooooo addicting.....

    Kate :}

  11. Lovin' your new shoes!!! Noisy clogs AND quiet crocheted slippers. You look adorable either way I'm sure!

  12. Well looky at you in your fancy red shoes :-) Bet they go well with the hats.........maybe not wear them at the same time!

    I so love the crochet ones and would be running to Primark if I could wear them but my big toe joint wouldn't let me, boo to arthritis :-( (I live in cowboy boots, so comfy and i have lots of colours including pink ones!!)

    Have a great weekend in your fancy new shoes :-)

    love Lori xxx

  13. Okay. I am experiencing serious shoe envy right now! ;-)


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