Thursday, 17 January 2013

Random crochet


We have two children. Eldest aged 6, youngest, 3.


And a pushchair, also 6 years old.



To be fair, it's done rather well considering the years of punishment it has suffered; you know the sort of thing- overloaded with shopping, thrown into the boot of the car, holidaying on airplanes, and the everyday abuse subjected by small people and all their muck.

Oh, and being run over by my 4x4. No kidding - I'd forgotten that I'd left it folded up on the ground and reversed right over it. This was recently too.


Sturdy old thing, really.


But not pretty.



No, not pretty. Look at the handles...


They have totally perished and become grossly sticky.



What to do.....?

What to do.....?






What would any yarn-y gal do in this situation?

Why, crochet of course!!



(Actually, this was the Mister's suggestion 'like, why don't you crochet something to cover it?' he says.)







These make me laugh.

And they certainly do cheer up my travels.










Random, I know.

But good fun, eh?

Have a great week, everyone!