Saturday, 12 April 2014

It's a ...!

A book is my new project.
No, I can't believe it either.
(A book about crochet, obviously- not a 50 Shades or Harry Potter type-thing)

So, pull up a chair (yes, the squishy one over there) pour yourself a cuppa (teapot's on the table) and let me tell you a story about a book....

...For anyone who doesn't know, I haven't been crocheting long. I taught myself a few years back when I felt the grey matter ebbing away after I'd left teaching to be a full-time mummy;
I needed to learn something new.

And so I tinkered about a bit.
And crocheted.

I made some stuff. Some bad... Some really bad.
But some good.
Then I started selling the things I made. And people liked them.
I sold my crocheted wares at local events, rented a little shelf in a little shop in Arundel and online, too.

And then I thought I could design my own stuff.

So I did.
I started writing down my designs and putting them in my Etsy shop.
And people liked to buy those too.

And all along, I had this little blog. 
Where I catalogued my crochet journey (honestly, go back to the beginning and you'll find all the really bad stuff) where I tried new things and where a lovely publisher found me.

And their crafty commisioning Editor wrote to me and told me all about a book she wanted to make. 
And asked me if I would like to write it.

And I said 'Yes'.

So after much talking and discussing (and scribbling of ideas in the dead of night) I went to New York Newton Abbot in Devon for a planning meeting.
I met the fabulous gals from F&W Media and we planned the book. 
From cover to cover.
Seriously. It was a lengthy meeting. And definitely the most enjoyable meeting I've ever attended. We worked all day, without a break (none was needed- we were unstoppable).

There is a now a detailed plan about everything I need to write and design and I am raring to go.
The deadlines are ready..
My pen (laptop, actually) is poised..

I'm ready for the off. (Look! I have already made a terrible mess of my front room)

Can't wait to tell you what happens next.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah x