Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn Storm Shawl

Here in the U.K. the weather has changed; darker evenings, damper mornings and a distinct chill in the air mean that Autumn has most definitely arrived.
And so I felt the need for a big ol' shawl-type-thing. 
Something I could drape around my shoulders to keep the shivers at bay and wrap around to completely cocoon me in warmth.
And I came up with my Autumn Storm Shawl*
*Actually, I cannot take any credit for the name. I ran a little Instagram competition and had lots of amazing suggestions- this is the one I chose and it's pretty perfect, I think.
Crocheted in the most lovely Deramores Vintage Chunky yarn, this Shawl is a simple and speedy project, despite its size.
If you'd like to make one, then you can find the pattern here
I can promise it'll keep you super-snug.
Happy crocheting,
Sarah xx