Monday, 3 October 2016

Wearable crochet: Clothes

Ah, those bygone eras, when crochet was well, erm... itchy... and judging by a screen shot of my search results for 70s knitwear, mostly orange.

(Digging those dudes in their ponchos, btw)

So far in my rather brief crochet career, my foray into clothing has been zero; I've dabbled with hats and scarf-y accessories, but just haven't been convinced that crocheted clothes would ever be my thing.

And then came Pinterest and Instagram and all manner of crochet magazines, where independent designers were strutting their very cool stuff, and the most modern and wearable of crochet clothes were being showcased.

And I've changed my mind. 
So here's my most favourite, totally wearable crochet pieces and there's not an itchy, orange jumpsuit in sight...

Classic and simple, these jumpers are modern and fun. Bright colours, or plain neutrals. Whatever takes your fancy works here.

By Frank & Olive. Pattern here

By Yarnspirations. Pattern here

By Rohn Strong. Pattern here

By Pardon My Chaos. Pattern here

And for anyone who prefers something a little more free-spirited, bohemian crochet is for you -
fringes, tassels and the most infamous Granny squares make this style a classic:

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

So what am I planning to make next? 
Well, it'll probably be something for my hols-I love the simple lines of this beach top:

Pattern link here

And the stiking hexagons of this Anthropologie-inspired sweater:

Pattern link here

If you'd like some more inspiration, then follow my 'Wearable Crochet' Pinterest board and be inspired to create your own, original crocheted wardrobe.

And if you've crocheted your own clothes (you clever person, you) then let me know- I'd love to hear all about it.

Have a great week,