Monday 13 March 2017

The one with the skulls

Spring is in the air.
Think sunshine, daffodils, baby chicks and ...


Oh yes. We like to mix up the seasons in my house.

When I bought some of this amazing glow in the dark yarn from Unique Yarns Co recently, I wanted to make little stars, or hearts.
But my children had other ideas.

These cute skulls would be perfect for bunting, or a mobile (they would probaly need blocking with spray starch beforehand, perhaps?) but I decided to decorate the kids' lampshades (which are decidedly manky and have definiely seen better days).

I simply glued them in place, using PVA glue.

Lights on

Lights off - spooooooooky

Tricky to photograph, but the green definitely glows a little brighter than the pink - both are amazing, though and I haven't seen anything like it before. Have you?

And here's a mega-skull, using the same pattern and made in Squiggly yarn from Woolly Mahoosive and a 25mm hook!

I'm so pleased wtih how they've turned out - aren't they fab? 

If you fancy making one, or two or a billion, then the pattern's next and scroll further down for a stitch-by-stitch YouTube tutorial.

Skull Pattern:

You will need
Glow in the dark yarn
3.5mm hook
or any yarn and hook to match 

Chain 6 (counts as 5ch and turning ch)
Row 1: 1dc in each st, turn.
Row 2: 2ch (counts as tr) 1tr in each st, turn.
Row 3: 3ch (counts as 2ch and turning ch), 1dc in each st, turn. (7sts)
Row 4: 3ch (counts as 2ch and turning ch), 4dc, sk st, 4ch, 4dc, turn.
Row 5: 1ch, 4dc, 5dc in ch4-sp, 4dc, turn.
Row 6: 7ch, 1dc in stitch at middle of nose, 7ch, 1sl st in last st, turn.
Row 7: 1ch, (3dc, 1htr, 4tr) in ch7-sp, 1dtr in stitch between eyes, (4tr, 1htr, 3dc) in ch7-sp.

Fasten off

(With the orange skull, I made 1dc around the edge of the skull)

YouTube Stitch-by-Stitch Tutorial 

Have a great week,
Sarah xx

Episode 4 Show Notes: The one with the skulls

Watch here:

Glow in the dark yarn in Pink and Green from Unique Yarns Co

For Star Pattern try here:

Approx 230g Squiggly yarn in Orange from Woolly Mahoosive

Mini skeins of Mineral Dyed Yarns from Unique Yarns Co
Unique Yarns Co  - Glow in the dark yarn 
The Gymnastics Shawl (no pattern yet) Whimzy yarns - Sokkusu O Max in 'Man of Rock'
Knitted jumper (pattern to follow) in The Women's Institute Soft and Chunky yarn in Grey - from here
Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I absolutely love these! I've been looking to crochet a skull blanket. How would you create these into granny squares to then create a blanket?



    1. Hi Jo - a skull blanket would be an amazing idea. Off the top of my head, you'd have to make chain of maybe 5 stitches and attach with slip stitch evenly around the edge, then make your trebles into those??
      It would take a little playing around with, I think!
      Kind regards,

  2. Love this! Just tried my first in 8ply now onto t-shirt yarn. Thankyou 🖤💀


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