Wednesday 5 April 2017

A whole load of new yarn

Lucky me!
The postman has been a busy bee, delivering lots of new yarny goodness.

Watch the Youtube tutorial below (or click here )to see close-ups of the yarn and find the show notes with details below.

Have a great week,
Sarah x

Episode 5: The one with all the new yarn. 
Show notes

Stylecraft Special Dk in Vintage Peach, Buttermilk and Mushroom - 100g / 100% Acrylic
Stylecraft Classique Cotton 4-ply 50g / 100% Cotton
Stylecraft Mystique 50g / 70% Polyester/ 30% Viscose
Stylecraft Head Over Heels Sock Yarn  in Sugarloaf and Etna 100g / 75% Superwash wool / 25% Nylon
Stylecraft Wondersoft Merry-go-round DK in Pastel Rainbow and Dark Rainbow 100g / 100% Acrylic 
Stylecraft Candy Swirl DK in Apple Sour 150g / 100% Acrylic

Bilum PukPuk yarn
Scheepjes Whirl in Slice 'O Cherry Pie 225g / 60% Cotton /40% Acrylic

Blog post with shawl started in Head Over Heels here

Ombre Shawl from Inside Crochet Issue 87
Sheep from Inside Crochet Issue 88



  1. Thank you for the yarn update and for showing your beautiful creations! I love your shawl and the darling sheep. I am waiting to put in my order at Deramores until April 7th when the new colors will be available! Thank you also for telling us about the other Stylecraft products.
    Could you recommend some cushioned crochet hooks? I have the old aluminum ones and would like to update as they do bother my fingers at times but I want to be careful and not get ones that are too short in the shaft etc. There are so many out there now. What do you use? Thank you for any information you can offer me.

    1. Hi Sam,
      So glad you liked the video - the yarns are all lovely, aren't they?!
      I've just moved on from my old aluminium hook (although I do you like them for some projects) and I'm currently using Knit Pro crochet hooks which are perfect for knife-hold crocheters like me, but I know friends who use the Addi swing hooks (better for pen-holds) and love those too. Perhaps worth while visiting a yarn store and trying some out?
      Sarah xx

  2. help stuck on the ombre shawl pattern. pattern doesn't look like the photos

    1. Hi Deborah- sorry to hear you’re having problems - can you contact me at my email and I’ll try to help.


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