Sunday 14 August 2011

Let's get cosy

Well, eerrrrm, tea-cup cosy to be exact:

Mug cosies 3

Not original, as I have seen this sort of thing on t'internet before, but hopefully, a bit different.

As with all my crochet projects, dead easy to do:
Chain the right number of stitches to nearly fit around the cup .....

....sorry, I have to interrupt myself here as I have, this week, stumbled upon the most amazing thing:
Now girls, please do bear in mind that I am still relatively new to this crochet-malarky, and so still struggle MASSIVELY with crocheting into the chain - (imagine wonky edges, dreadful tension and lots of swearing, and you'll be somewhere close).

Sooo, imagine my absolute joy to discover the art of chainless foundation- yes, it's a marvellous thing whereby you crochet the chain and the next row all in one! See here.
[I tried taking photos of the process, but you really need to see it in action- what did we do before the days of YouTube?]

Here's what it looks like:

Chainless foundation crochet

Not bad, methinks- no more faffing around, trying to get the bloomin' hook or wool to behave.
Egad, it's a revelation (to me, at least).

Ok, back to where I left off with the cup cosies- once you've made your chain, you then just crochet your chosen stitch forwards and backwards until the correct height is reached.

3 mug cosies

From left to right:
The grey was the same version of the grit stitch that I used for my Vintage Phone case, in the middle, the granny stripe from here and the pink was a version of the pattern for Chloe's dress from here.

I then edged the pieces with single crochet to neaten them up, added a couple of buttons on one side and chain-stitched loops to fasten them on the other.

Mug cosy making Mug cosy making

Job done.

Mug cosy buttons

Feeling cosy, with warm cuppa, but not burning hands on a freshly-poured cup?


Enjoy your week.


  1. Foundation single crochet!! I learnt that a while ago but every time I go to do it I have to Google instructions to figure out where to put the hook. Will check out your link in the morning, bed is calling me now. LOVE the tea cosies though, will add to my rather long must-make list.

  2. These are gorgeous!! I'll be checking out that link too. Sounds very interesting.
    Anne xx

  3. I'm going to make ones that fit round a pint of ice cream, to keep my hands from freezing up, (uh, umm I mean, my friend's hand, because I would never sit down to a whole pint myself)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the grit stitch - will have to try that one out soon. I have to tell you that you have really made my day ... I hate foundation chains too - I do mine too tight so have to use a hook 3 times bigger than I really need. I can't wait to try this new way. What a revelation!!!! Thank you hon. Have a fab week.

  5. They are lovely and the colours are great. Liz xx

  6. these look gorgeous! I have a tea and cafetiere cosy on my to do list, think I may just have another! ha ha! Love them, the colours are beautiful too!

    Have a super day!


  7. Hi, i love em, i really must learn to

  8. Fabulous as always. Will study your 'how to'. Thanks

  9. mm...have had a look at the chainless foundation video and think maybe I need to have a go, can't quite get my head around it! Sounds like a good idea, though! Love the cosies - very cute! x

  10. Fantastic cute coseys! I love that idea of of a chainless foundation, off to look at that too as I also get curly beginnings in my crochet work lol.

    Thanks for the tip x

  11. Ooooh, they are lovely!! (I think I start most of my blog comments with an "ooooh"!!)

    I love the grit stitch, really must try that one - going to Pin them on Pinterest....

    S x

  12. They are fab! Makes me want to make soup, although also liking the idea of making some to fit a Ben&Jerry's tub! Had a go at crochet - not good I'm afraid, back to the knitting!

  13. They look great, lovely colours and patterns. I've seen that chainless foundation stitch before but never tried it for some reason, might have to!

  14. love the cosies, have to say definately like the idea from some of the other comments to use then round icecream tubs.. especially ben and jerrys, they are great ideas, thank for sharing, have a good week, Tabs x

  15. Love the cosies, you always have such really cute ideas, love seeing a new post from you, yahhhh whats she made this time :D
    Have a great day Karen xxx

  16. Loverleee mug cosies! I have just found that idea for foundation rows without chains too... haven't tried it yet, but I shall now.. and after a car journey yesterday in which I burnt my fingers twice on a cardboard cup I think I shall make one to keep in the car :)x

  17. I really love these! That is so sweet! I have seen the coffee cup to go patterns but I really love how this can be used to cover teacups that could be needing a punch of cheer. Love it!

  18. I just love your new header on your blog, sooo cute, and really love all those gorgeous mug cozies...i must have a go at making some of those sometime.

  19. no no no...I can't add these to the crochet list - I'm gonna waste my whole life crocheting! but they look so makeable. And you've lurred me in with this chainless beginning doo dah.
    off to try
    (first blanket nearly finished - and I've already moved on!)
    (new banner looks super)

  20. they are so lovely.. i love the colours that you've used..


  21. Oh my heavens, those are faboo! I also hate the chain and am headed to YouTube right now! :)

  22. How utterly charming! I'm in love with the gray one with the pink buttons! Bravo

  23. Oh gawd I love your blog. You're one of those people who makes gorgeous unique things, takes beautiful photos and writes really well too. Sickening.

    What else have you been making/doing lovely? I'm a bit addicted to your blog and need another fix please!

    Nicki xx

  24. Helloooo! Thanks for popping over to my blog and your lovely comment. I'm so glad you did otherwise I wouldn't have found your lovely blog! If I had more time this morning I would be going back through all of your archives! Your crochet is great -- puts my efforts to shame! I'm definitely going to have a go at your toadstool tutorial.
    I've just started following so I'm sure I'll be back soon.
    Lovely to meet you xx

  25. Love your mug cosies! Especially the granny of course :)

  26. Very nice cosies! Thanks for the link, must check it out :)

  27. You are doing excellent, for someone who hasn't been crocheting all that long. Thanks for the tip on that pesky chain foundation and how it can be easier. Your cozies are cute, would make a nice gift and definitely would keep coffee or tea warmer longer. I'm your newest follower, and will be back to check out all the fun you have been up to. Happy New Year!
    Susanne :)

  28. I LOVE single crochet foundation!! I use it ALL the time! but now I have to find time to make a cozy for my 2 favorite mugs.. after the scarf for the smallest child (that I frogged 3 times lastnight!!) and going to the fabric store to get fabric to play with for my shiny new sewing machine! Oh and making soup.. this is lots today, just reading it makes me want to nap lol but off to play with the yarn monster

  29. This is brilliant!! and I love single crochet foundation stitch. i just learned it last year and it's GREAT!

  30. Hi dear friend, Yes yes, Let's get cozy..:))
    I like them and I began to make one for me..:))
    All best wishes...


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