Saturday 20 August 2011

New arrivals ..

I have a new house guest:

Well behaved.
A good listener, too.

Meet Betty:


Bless 'er.
She looks dead bored.
And a bit cold too.


That's better! Nice and snug now.
This wool is a Sirdar chunky something-or-other from a charity shop. It crocheted up quite nicely on 10mm hooks. It is verrrry chunky, but will keep someone warm in arctic climates, methinks.

It's official. I've gone a bit mental.
The weather here today has been a balmy 20+ degrees and me and Mister&kids have been to the local village fair and yet, I'm contemplating cowls.

I think it's something to do with it being the summer holidays, and needing an easy, mindless project (which doesn't involve counting stitches, or doing clever things of any sort) and which I can pick up for seven seconds and put down again. Regularly.

Sorry, Betty, what?
You have more cowls to show us?


If you've visited here before, then you will have read about my mahooooousive Noro stash from the local charity shop- I'm not kidding, 50p a ball and I must have grabbed about 20 balls ...
Anyhoo, this was my first attempt at making something with some Noro Iro.
Simple. Double crochet (US)around.
I have to admit, although I love the colours, it's still a bit clunky. I may frog this and start again, but I have to say, I have loved working with this yarn - just watching the colours and textures change through my fingers has been therapeutic.

Pardon, Betty?
More to show?


This one is just plain, cheap old chunky-ish acrylic (found in local hardware shop for a quid a go) still lovely, but quite dense in texture. Inspired here.

Next, Betty ...


The same wool, but Navy.
This time have solved the dense/clunkiness problem- use a bigger hook!!!

This gives a little more air throughout the piece and gets a bit more from the ball of yarn too.

Last thing:
A couple of little roses from here, which are seasonal, at least.

Crochet roses

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love betty, Love your cowls, and I remain consumed by jealousy about your Noro bargains :)

  2. Ooooooh Betty! You do have a bit of a spooky look on your face!!

    I like that dense one second from last. It's how I wanted the snood I am knitting to look. but it's gone wrong and I am crabby about it and have fallen out of like with knitting, "like' you understand, not 'love' for I haven't gotten on very well with knitting and so crochet is my first love and probably always will be.

    Have you had a big fancy pants change around on your blog? Or am I going bonkers?


  3. Oh my goodness... Betty is trying to look like a high class model trying to suck her cheeks in! She is a bit nervous about her first appearance on your blog I think!
    Love the cowls... Noro colours are amazing aren't they... you must have got over £100 worth for a fiver!
    I love all the cowls, but the navy one is looking particularly gorgeous...are you going to put up any patterns?
    Now - my hubby is in the garden..I'm meant to be tidying the kitchen...but I think I could sneak in a quick rose without him noticing... :)x

  4. Hi Betty! Lovely to meet you. I like your cowls!

  5. Betty looks so much happier with a beautiful cowl wrapped around her neck. Love all of your cowls, I think I am crazy as I have been crocheting cowls this summer and its 92 degrees here everyday.

    What's with that? By the way still very jealous with your Noro purchase.

    Have a great day,

  6. Greetings to Betty! Loving the cowls. Cx

  7. Betty looks like a right laugh so she does ;-) and she is modelling some mighty fine cowls I must say!!
    I am currently 'trying' to knit up a cowl at the moment but seeing these has made me think I should frog it and crochet one instead!! They are lovely :)

    Louise xx

  8. Betty is quite the poser isn't she? If I had cheekbones like that I would be too mind you :-) Great cowls and gorgeous Noro, I'm still jealous! Well it's both of us gone a bit daft then, you making cowls and me making Christmas decorations....

  9. oh this post made me giggle! hello betty!

    i love the cowls :-)

  10. Oh what lovely cowls you're creating! And Betty does quite a nice job with the modeling. Don't you love those kind of models? No attitude, always available. Mine is Mavis and she lives in the basement. She's so reliable. :)

  11. I LOVE your cowls, especially that Noro one. They are so easy to do and I love using different yarns and colours too. I could do with a Betty, my model is generally grumpy and uncooperative unless I bribe her with stuff!
    Sandra x

  12. Loving the cowls, super jealous of the yarn, things like that never happen to me, all the wrong places at all the wrong times evidendently. Your Betty reminds me of one of those head things which you could do hair and make-up on, never had one when I was a kid but my friend did....ah, there now, you've made me jealous again......

  13. I need a Betty here as I hate taking pics of myself wearing cowls!!! I have missed visiting your lovely blog while I've been away so now I'm back, I'm in total catch up mode. You have been so busy - I'm starting from the bottom and working my way up. Off to the next post now ....

  14. Ahhh my mum had one of these heads. I think she put her wig on it. Freaky. Scarves look fab

  15. Beautiful cowls, I can't believe you made four of them!

  16. wow you have had some great bargains!!! Noro is VERY expensive and I've only bought it once and made myself a scarf.
    I also bought a head this week but it hasn't got a neck like Betty has. Where did you get her from as I would like one for my neckwarmers on my market stall.
    Love your cowls by the way. xx


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