Friday 21 October 2011

Apologies and new makes

I need to apologise twice.

Firstly, for making Christmas things.
It's not even the end of October.

Xmas blocks

My excuse?
I have a craft sale at the beginning of November, and I thought people might like to buy these little blocks as gifts.

Xmas blocks
Xmas blocks

I've used a mixture of old Christmas images and music scores to cover the sides and am quite pleased with how they've turned out.

Xmas blocks

There's these too.

Xmas blocks 2

And, you'll be pleased to know, some commissioned blocks for a friend, which are distinctly non-christmassy.

Image from My iPhone!

So that's my first apology.

My second is for my absence from visiting all your wonderful blogs as often as I'd like.
My excuse for this?

Xmas blocks 2

One word.

I am seriously selling everything from the loft in a bid (ha ha) to make some money and make some space in said loft.

This has so far involved a lengthy process of eliminating the good stuff from the rubbish and creating towering crates of boxes around the house; some to be put back into the loft (to be eBay-ed at a later date), some to be 'charity-shopped' and the rest to be photographed/ put onto eBay/ sent in post.

It's become a new obsession as I begin to check my items to see how many 'watchers' I have (spooky) and how many bids there are on my unopened pack of aged 2-3 Bob the Builder pants (no joke).

So, apologies.
I will try to catch up with you all as soon as I can.
Thank you for following, reading and commenting. You are marvellous people.

Have a great weekend, all xx

PS Don't forget to enter my giveaway- I will draw winners in Oct 31st. X


  1. I really love those blocks, they are so clever. Harry will be very pleased I'm sure. Are you selling these? Its a shame your craft shows are so far away. eBaying is addictive. We are in the process of clearing stuff ready for our move. When you get lots of watchers it's exciting (as long as someone bids!). Good luck with fair and clearing x

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  3. Good old ebay ~ I currently trying to do the same and have boxes of things waiting to be photographed and uploaded ~ maybe I'll get around to doing some of it next week! Good Luck with your Bob the Builder pants!! :O)x

  4. Your blocks are lovely, clever you! I am signed up to do a stall next month too.....exciting eh!

    eBay is very addictive as long as you don't buy more than you sell! We sold a car last week and the first person to put a bid on was in Lithuania, slight disadvantage when you live in Wales!

  5. Hello Annaboo:) I've been meaning to ask you something, but I was waiting when you wrote your next post...but anyhoot I was wondering on your border your tag with Annaboo's did you make that? Because I'm going to be selling my crochet items and I thought that making tags where people can cut off after opening their item would be would also be perfect for printing coupons on the back so as not to waste any paper. It would be awesome if you could share that with me:) Thanks.

  6. Gorgeous blocks!! Don't apologise for Christmas crafting, I'm planning my Christmas day menu at the moment.

    My spare room is a bit cluttered at the moment too, I really need to sell some or thrift shop some to clear some precious space.

    Kylie x

  7. Your blocks are super cute as always!!! I especially love the commissioned set! Good luck with ebay, and have a great weekend!

  8. Your blocks are wonderful, I just love each and every one of them. Christmas is a huge season to buy for so you are so smart in being prepared fro your show. I bet they will sell out.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. Hi Jess,
    I wanted to email you, but you're a no-reply blogger, so I hope you read this!
    Yes, I make my Annaboo's House labels- I put them onto the items I sell. I bought some luggage tags and mini alphabet stamps ( try ebay for these) and voilĂ !.
    Good luck with selling your crochet lovelies.

  10. Don't apologise for talking Christmas early, especially if you are having a craft sale. Your blocks will sell very well I'm sure and many people will appreciate being able to buy gorgeous handmade Christmas products early.
    Anne xx

  11. Oh, they're gorgeous! Very festive! I am one of those annoying people who starts thinking about Christmas in September! I've been thinking of making some festive things myself. I do hope the craft fayre goes well. Also, ebay takes over your life! x

  12. oohh lovely creations even if they did involve the c word :-) oohh good luck on e-bay , hope you clear a lot out, it feels so good when you do doesn't it :-)

  13. Cute blocks! very cute idea!

  14. Those blocks are a neat idea and something a bit different from the usual Xmassy things.All the shops round here have their decs and cards in already,and it's not even Hallowean yet!
    I've been a little bit hooked on ebay recently...mainly buying I daren't even go on there at the mo!
    Hope you have success with your selling.Happy weekend! :0)

  15. Wow, those blocks are so cute.

  16. these are really nice! thanks so much for stopping by :)

  17. Those blocks are fabulous and I know christmas is far away but I love christmas and I think those would be an awesome gift. Also it is giveaway tastic time, we have a give away over at nimble fingers and steady eyebrows, do come over and enter we would love to see you - Annie

  18. Those blocks are wonderful, they are really different. Love the ones with the music score of deck the halls.
    I also have a pile of things to get on ebay but just can't summon the energy to get on with it, and when I did the kids started playing with the toys again!!

  19. Those blocks, which are so pretty, bring back wonderful memories of some I had when I was a child.

    Good for you for clearing things out.

  20. If it makes you feel any better, one of our local shops has been playing blimmin' Christmas carols since the end of August - aaaargh. So October is completely acceptable for Christmas talk!! I adore your blocks - they are AMAZING! You are such a clever woman. Good luck with the Bob the Builder pants! That has cracked me up. It's a long weekend here and our bedroom has turned into a dumpsite as we are cleaning out our attic too. Our Ebay equivalent is called Trade Me and I'll be throwing everything on to that and checking it in the same obsessive way! Have a fab week hon. L xx

  21. Lurve the blocks!!! I've always been a no Christmas until December sort of girl and now I've got my shops on here I'm busy with Christmas now too, at Christmas I'll be starting Valentines Day and Easter, lol! Guess we need to work ahead for fayres and stuff though.
    I'm seriously hooked on ebay as I'm clearing out cross stitch charts that I've hoarded for many years and will never get round to stitching, I have thousands! Who'd have thought you could make so much money from old stuff you don't want, lol!

  22. Hi,

    Love the blocks and i think it is never to early to get things ready for christmas... we have already had a good look at different things in hobby craft and my little one has drawn her designs for felt christmas decks already! lol... hope the craft fair goes well... keep us updated.. and you should maybe look at selling some of your bits on ebay along with your other things you are "clearing out" as am sure people would be interested as they are so lovely... have a great weekend, take care, Tabs x

  23. Those blocks are seriously cute, I hope you make a killing at your craft stall.

  24. So great! So, I wish you a merry christmas!
    Your blog is very nice and lightful. I like it So Much!
    See you soon!

  25. I've been so busy I haven't been able to look what you've been making - these blocks are great. I just love the ho ho ho ones - now I'm starting to feel Christmassy, and we haven't even had Bonfire Night yet!
    Jane x

  26. Haha, I've piles of things round the house for ebay too. You've done well actually getting yours listed, I must try harder. They've been there so long I just don't notice them now and keep forgetting.
    Love the blocks.

  27. NEVER apologise for Christmas posts or makes!!! It's never to early to start getting excited about the festive season!!! ;-)
    You've been a very busy lady indeed! And your blocks are gorgeous - as always! The commissioned set are particularly sweet!
    Good luck with the ebay selling.....

  28. Hi, my first time here and I LOVE those blocks, really pretty. I can sympathise with the Christmas making, I have a makers market at the end of November and I'm making like mad! I've followed you via Bloglovin' but can't find where to leave a comment to say I'd like to join in with the giveaway. Will this count?


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