Friday, 7 October 2011

A give-away win!

Well, meloves, I am all a-gush and very excited to tell you that I AM A WINNER!!

Yes, my very first giveaway win arrived today from the gorgeously talented, clever and all-round lovely Karen at KarensKrafts!

Giveaway win

I cannot tell you how excited I have been since learning that I was one of 3 winners from Karen's 'Pay it forward' giveaway.
(the postman clearly thinks I am a nutter as I have been stalking him for a few weeks now)

So, said parcel arrives... I unwrap a bit..

Giveaway win
What lush fabrics, colours, flowers... what could it be? ..

Giveaway win
Ohmegosh (sharp intake of breath) it's a beauuuuuuutiful bag.

See how lovely it is!
Giveaway win 2

But what else?

Giveaway win
Eeeeep. The cutest tissue-case I've ever seen.

And look!

The sweetest Flower Fairy tag- the Geranium Fairy (really takes me back to being little- I used to love these little creatures- and still do!)


Giveaway win3
A sweet detachable crochet flower corsage!!

Come see!

Giveaway win 2
The most adorable lining of rose sprig fabric (including little compartment for special things).

Who could not love this:
Giveaway win3

Thank you again, Karen.
This has blown me away...!

And so...
Pay it forward

Keep your eyes peeled- my next post is a Pay-it-forward giveaway!!

Have a great weekend, all.