Friday, 13 January 2012

Doily rug. Chapter 2

You may recall my first attempt at a doily rug. 
It was a tad on the small side.
So I frogged it.

Next attempt?

Next doily attempts

Wrong, wrong, wrong. 
Beautiful pattern from here, but goodness only knows what I did to it. It refused to lie flat and seemed to just have too many stitches.


Next doily attempts

Yaaaay!  It works.

Next doily attempts

Still not big enough, but I think i'll stick with it and attempt some extra rounds.

And look what came in the post for me......

Hoopla delivery

...more lovely Hooplayarn from the wonderful Jill at Stockton Crafts!

I intend to crack the doily rug pattern and then I have plans for something a bit mad with more of the Hoopla.

Will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, all.

P.S. Sorry to the people and patterns mentioned in this post. Blogger is being very naughty and won't let me link to your lovely webpages. 
I'll put this right as soon as I can.