Thursday 1 March 2012


Egg cosies

*cheep cheep, cheepity, cheep cheeeeeeeeeep*

Balmy sunshine, the shedding of winter layers, and these mad looking chicks you can pick up for a few pennies from every shop. 
Their little crazy faces make me smile.
Yes, spring is here.

So I thought i'd make egg cosies.

Egg cosies

Egg cosies

Fancy making one? 
What? You're not very good at crochet? 
Can you do a single crochet stitch? (UK double)
Yes? Then you, my lovely, can make this. (Yes, Gem, you too)

I used:
DK yarn
4mm hook
Stitch marker

I also use the American terms, but it's easy to translate into UK terms:
single crochet (sc) = UK double crochet (dc)

Round 1:
[Now I use the magic ring method when working in the round. Have a look on YouTube for a tutorial and give it a go.]
5 single crochets in magic ring
Too tricksy? Then make a slip knot and put onto hook, chain 2 and make 5 single crochets into 2nd chain from hook.

Egg cosy tutorial

Round 2
Now you need to make 2 single crochets into each of your 5 stitches- see photo below (you'll have 10 stitches at the end of the round).
Don't forget to use a stitch marker in the first stitch (or bit of coloured yarn) so you know where you started out.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

Round 3
Next, make 1sc into the first stitch and 2sc into the next.
Repeat around.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

You'll have 15 sc now.

Round 4
1 sc in each stitch (15 sc in total)

Round 5
sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in next stitch. Repeat around. (20 sc)

Round 6
sc in next 3 stitches, 2sc in next stitch. Repeat around. (25 sc)

Egg cosy tutorial 3

It should start to look a bit like this. The 'right' side of the cosy is actually the inside. We'll turn it out at the end.

Rounds 7-13
sc in each stitch around (25 sc)

Finish off, weave in ends.
Turn right-side-out.

Decorate as you wish. I made pompoms, or here I made a frilly edge from here (chain 3, slip stitch around) and added a buttonny-flower.

Egg cosy

Ahhhhhh, cheepity, cheep, all.


  1. A little crocheted egg cosy with a frilly edge and a button flower? Sign me up, lady - I'm getting my hook as I type!
    Emily x

  2. Oh so cute!! I need to go and get me some cheep cheep chicks to cheep cheer me up :) it feels rather mad walking around without a coat on when what feels like only days ago it was snowing!

    Take care x

    Jo x x

  3. Another project to add to the list, stop making them so tempting! ;-)

    Only joking, keep 'em coming!

  4. You are a leetle bit too clever my lovely, these are fab. Going to try this, and will show you the results. See you with Deb soon round yours, got it in the diary. Shall I bringeth cake?

  5. Love these!!! I will make some. I have been making egg cozies lately too. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Always LOVE what you are making...

  6. Miss 4 just spotted these and asked if I can make her an egg hat please!! I adore them - especially the wee one with the frilly bit on the bottom. I must make some immediately! It's cold here today boo hoo summer is leaving us, and my wee boy has just had to be picked up from school as he had turned a nice shade of green. I think some quiet crochet time on the couch is called for.

    Have a fab weekend hon.

  7. How cute! Love the colours you've used. I tried to make some chicks in a similar way yesterday, but must have gone wrong somewhere as they ended up like sausages! Going to try again :) xx

  8. These are gorgeous. They would make a lovely Easter gift if you are inclined to give gifts at Easter that is.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  9. Okay, so my names not Gem, but are you sure, because I'm still making a hash of this crochet business and it's not for want of trying! Clearly I must try harder, starting with your pretty egg cosies maybe. Love the one with the flower :D

  10. They are super-cute!!! I adore the little button-flower cozy! I remember those funny little fuzzy chicks! I don't think I've seen any in Germany, but I'm going to look out for them....

  11. Very sweet cosies, love the mad pom-pom's! The cute daisy one is adorable :-)

    love Lori xxx

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the egg cosy.... My mom will love these and just in time to stitch up for her birthday! Thank you so much for sharing.


  13. These are just too cute! thank you for sharing them I shall certainly give them ago!

  14. Hi Sarah... I seem to have missed this post...sorry! Those chicks are the best part of Easter for me... I wish they made a huge version, but it might be too scary... I LOVE the frilly egg cosy...great tutorial do spoil us :)x

  15. Oh boy these are cute! I want to make some for Easter, and then I will have a good excuse to go and buy some new little cups to go with them.

  16. Adorable egg cosies! Your little yellow chick reminds me of my childhood and an entire decorative tree that sat upon our hutch in the dining room...each holiday found it dressed in various appropriate decor. For Easter, my mom had a collection of fuzzy little chicks (like your yellow one in the photo here). Her chicks were many different colors and they were perched on the branches of the tree. (I believe that tree was a Manzanita branch...not sure that I spelled that correctly.) Great memories. Thanks! Hugs, Annette

  17. Great pattern, thank you! I adapted it slightly to make a cover for my webcam (because I find webcams a bit creepy). If you are interested I put a photo, and acknowledgement of course, on my own blog:

    Thanks again!


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