Tuesday 13 March 2012

Such Fun!


Yesterday, I met with some lovely ladies for lunch.
Lovely ladies who blog.

Please may I introduce you (from right to left) to:
Ashley, me, Sarah and Gem
Or Country Rose, me, Shabby Chic Sarah and Treasures From The Cherry Tree as you may know them.

I've met Gemma before (what a laugh we had then, too) and she organised a luncheon for us all, since we live near-ish to each other.
Marvellous fun, much a-chatting, laughing and sharing and too little time.
Three wonderful girls who I hope to see again very soon.

Thanks, ladies.

It was ace.

P.S. I forgot to take my camera to lunch so have nicked Gem's photo- cheers love! X


  1. Hee hee! Wasn't it fun. "SUCH FUN"!!!

    Can I get the Prince to vomit into my hand for a change, next week at yours??!!!

    Will bring cake-age.

    But no stringy coleslaw!!!

    Love xx x

  2. A blogger meet-up sounds great! Glad all you girls had fun!!! :-)

  3. How nice....I am insanely jealous....I want a bloggy friend to 'do lunch' with.

  4. Aww...sounds like you all had a great time! So nice to see all the happy faces of bloggyland in real life! :)x

  5. Looks like a good laugh, and sound like a great time was had by all! If you ever get up. Billingshurst way, there's a few craft bloggers here ;-)

  6. I saw this lovely picture on Sarah's blog. Love that you all got together and are now fast friends. How fun!

  7. Oh how FUN! Looks like you Girl's had a great time. Such cutie pies you all are too!

  8. You all look so beautiful!!
    Like Faith, I am also insanely jealous!!

  9. There's just never quite enough time is there? But there is always next time and the next and the next!

    I really need to reorganise the bloggy girl gathering I started the ball rolling with last year. You still up for it doll?

    We are off to Salcombe for Easter and Chipper Nelly is going to be just up the road so we will be getting together for a bit of mischief no doubt!

    So glad you and Gem have hit it off. It is so lovely that she has settled into a totally new area.


  10. We had the best time didn't we, even though it was short, but sweet due to the rotten traffic!!

    We must do it again soon!!

    S x

  11. *waves* Hi, ladies! Glad you had a good time. :)


  12. What fun. Wish I lived near too.


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