Monday 11 June 2012

Back to it

Cor it feels right weird being back here, writing a 'normal' post, after all the tutorial instructions and photos.
What do I usually write about, I wonder as I sit here in the glorious British summertime (tumble dryer on, heating on, jumper on etc)?

I can't for the life of me remember. 

I'll show you what I've been making for a craft fair at the end of the month [there's the usual guff I won't bore you with; crochet flower hairbands and clips which were a good seller for me before and of course, a couple of Monks commissioned by a friend]

So instead, a new venture for me: Some simple jewellery.







And a gratuitous crochet pic of a doll I've just made for my mate Kate.

New doll for Kate

Have a great week.


  1. Oooh I like those rings! Really nice. Great colours.
    I have had the central heating on today, only for about an hour but still... it's not normal is it? It has rained non stop all day long. Flipping horrible weather!

  2. Ok lush one...was just thinking of you weirdly enough as realised not got back to you with dates.
    Next two weeks are out, but after that I could do a cherry tree cake sesh.
    I love the jewellery. How much are they?
    Cox x x x

  3. Those rings are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! love them lots, do you sell them online? Xx

  4. I did lots of 'oooh'-ing and 'aaah'-ing as I scrolled down this post. Those rings are fabulous!!! I especially love the turquisey ones and the peachy one. Very, very pretty indeed!

  5. You have been really busy. I'm loving the rings and the doll you made for your friend is kat lush. Your so talented!

  6. lovely rings...and the doll is precious. BTW, I found you thru T's blog!

  7. I see Val stopped by when she saw your comment at my place. :) I did craft shows years ago but always felt stressed having to create with a deadline. Most of the time, I just make stuff for the sake of making. I need to start giving it all away. :) Your rings and pendants are very pretty. No doubt they will sell well too. Have a great week. Tammy

  8. Lovely rings, they look like so much fun the wear!

  9. Right, just give me the lot. I'll take it all. How much? Love love love.

    Seriously tho, where can I get my mitts on one of those lovely rings?

    Am also enjoying the summertime with my hot water bottle, thick socks and umbrella. Grrr.

    Nicki xx

  10. Ooooooh you clever chick! Love your jewellery - it's stunning. I just received a courier parcel this morning with more jewellery supplies and I treated myself to some large roses to makes rings. What fabulous taste we have!!!

    I'm almost finished my cat. One arm was not working due to my lack of concentration. So today while the small folk are at school I'll give it another whirl.

  11. Adorable!! Is there anything you can't make?! :)

  12. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite flower. I'll have to check out your etsy shop.

  13. Branching out into jewellery then, very cute! :-)
    Love the doll, she's a pretty little lady, you're friend will love her!

    Lori xx

    p.s. if you check out my blog you'll see I finished the CAL

  14. I'd like to buy a ring or two. Are they for sale on Etsy? How can I find them on there?

  15. I'd like to buy a ring or two. Are they for sale on Etsy? How do I find them on there?


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