Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Stripes and Buttons

I love stripes. 
I'm drawn to them. 
Particularly bright, sunshiny rainbow colours.
And I want to crochet them.

So what's the problem? I hear you ask.
Well, I want to make a stripy monkey. 
Here it is so far:

Stripey crochet

And, apart from the fact it is taking a baziiiiiillion times longer to make because of all the sodding colour changes, I like it. 

From the front.

But I don't really like the back.

Stripey crochet

I'm not keen on the 'steppy' colour changes (I know it's a thing with working in the round). But I'm just not sure about it. 
What do you think? Any comments gladly appreciated, as always. 

Stripes done. Now buttons.

I love stripes, as you know. But I also love buttons.
Really, I do.
They brighten up just about everything and I use them a lot. I mean, seriously. A LOT. 

Sooooo imagine my delight in winning a BUTTON giveaway from the lovely Barbara over at Made in K-town!!
Here's my package- check out those stamps from Germany.

Stripey crochet

I have to show you:

Button mosaic

Aren't they great?
And look! 
A sweet little heart pendant and some lush little glass beads (more boho bracelets, methinks)

Button giveaway win Button giveaway win1

Thank you so much, Barbara- this is a fabulous win and it really did make my day.

Right, I'm off to have fun with my buttons and go make myself a new pendant and bracelet. 

Thanks to everyone's kind comments about the jewellery- I'll be putting new things into my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks time, once I've finished with my summer craft fairs.

Enjoy your week.