Monday 13 August 2012

Dabbling with Grannies

So, I've been crocheting for about 18 months now and decided that the time has come for a grown-up project.

Something with Granny squares, I decided.

I've admired their simplicity and their diversity.

I've been ogling lots of lovely blankets and cushion covers for ages and have bookmarked lots of amazing pictures and projects to inspire me.

And then I saw this over at Wisecraft's blog and I was smitten:

Love the pattern.

Love the colours.

Love the styling of the photo, too.

And I thought, THAT's my project.

So, after mastering the pattern (easy-peasy) I am off in a world of granny-goodness.

At the moment I am planning a cushion cover. But who knows...?

One thing is for sure, I am addicted to these little beauties, they are blissfully therapeutic to make, and I love seeing them grow into a little stack.


Wish me luck...

Oh, and one more thing, here's something else I've been enjoying making:

Handmade fabric-covered rings.

Available now in my Etsy shop.

Happy week to you all!




  1. Lovely. I've had a go at this too, I'm on a granny blanket, just love the granny blanketness of it all!

  2. Hi my friend, You granny circle is so beautiful.. I think you are very talented.. I like granny circles too.. Crochet cushion is a great idea..:))
    Best warm wishes...

  3. Hi, wanted to let everyone know that your floral hairslides are beautiful. I'm new to crochet too so will watch with interest your growing cushion. Love those rings, x

  4. Love your Grannies! They ARE addictive. And those rings are too darling :)

  5. Great cushion project, that would catch my eye too, it's gorgeous!

    Your rings look lovely, I love how well things are turning out for your makes and sales....brilliant!

  6. Love the rings. It's really funny but that first granny square in pink, brown,yellow and cream is the same as what I've been working on for a blanket using only those four colours. It has been going on for while though - seems to take me for ever! Liz xx

  7. beautiful grannies ,love al the colors you are hoosing.I'm working on grannies too.Have a wonderful week.:0)

  8. Can't wait to see how your blanket/cushion comes along - want to see more of those lovely squares!!
    Maria x

  9. You may start with a cushion but it won't be long before you start a blanket... It's addictive.

  10. Your circle grannies look amazing!!!I'm so glad you gave the tutorial a try. Enjoy! Blair/wise craft

  11. Ooooo gorgeous grannies! That's one pretty cushion I can see why it grabbed you, have fun with the growing pile of loveliness :-)

    Lori xxx

  12. Grannies are just so addictive. They're also very therapeutic and great to do in front of the telly as it's pretty mindless. Before you know it, you'll have a huge stack of them :)

    Ruby x

  13. I loooove grannies! And that project will look fabulous :-) Hope you are well. Lovely rings! Laura x (@Strawberry Mouse Crafts)

  14. I can see why you had to make that granny pillow top - SOoooo adorable! Love the rings too!

  15. O MY Goodness! you are the cutest! Found you through busy moms of etsy! and had to come find you because you where "waving so madly" at me! LOL! and I wan not disappointed! you blog is one I will look forward to seeing! HAve a great day!

    Simply Sassy's Creations

  16. Hi there! thanks for your lovely comments on my blog after my rather long blog break! I love that cushion, but can never seem to get my act together to co-ordinate all those different wool colours! I am currently making one of these ( for my eldest son...he may have left home before i finish it!

  17. Just lovely. Love the colours you chose. Why did I think you had already made one of these? I have been making a granny blanket (not squares) forever! Can't pick it up in summer as it is too warm. It is now the size of a double bed width ways. Look forward to picking it up when it gets colder, keep my old knees warm! He he. Happy granny squaring.
    Rings are beautiful.
    Famfa x

  18. Gorgeous grannies! Love the rings too :D

  19. I like this granny pattern too! The last round done in white looks great with your colors, and those rings are really lovely.

  20. Love the rings and the ushion is looking lovely! So fun ! Can't wait to see the final product :)

  21. Beautiful cushion...very striking!
    Totally agree with you granny squares or rounds are so versatile. They are the backbone of crochet!

    Oh dear I feel a granny square coming on :-)


  22. Hi Sarah i love the crocheted stuff
    Please comment on my new post

  23. Aaaah the granny addiction begins! Yours are looking particularly gorgeous too!! I bet you find it hard to stop at a cushion - before you know it you'll be sweltering under the weight of a giant blanket. Have fun with it no matter what size you go for. Love your rings too hon. Clever gal.

    Have a fab week,

  24. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  25. Good luck with the grannys,they are looking beautiful,cant wait to see what you decide to make,a cushion or a blanket,its going to be so pretty,have a great week lovely Xxxlove julie Xxx

  26. This is going to be so pretty. Good luck!

  27. Wow, those are fantastic rings! I'm feeling very wanty now...your grannies are yummy, too--gorgeous pastels. :)

  28. I made a small pillow with these same granny squares. Love how quick they are to work up. I can't believe you've only been crocheting for 18 months -- I learned about 26 years ago and still can't figure out every pattern I come across. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  29. Great job on the grannies.... they are so much fun and I like the idea of not having to think too much when I am crocheting them. The rings are awesome! I also love your Knights and Ninjas... You have been pretty busy during your holidays.

    Take care and keep playing with those awesome grannies.... Love your color choices.


  30. Hi. I really like this starburst pattern. I'm soo glad I found it. Looking at your pillow I noticed that those g.squares with a darker 3rd color "burst" outwards more vibrantly than the g.squares where the 3rd color is a lighter color (soft pink for example). So I'm going to try to remember this tip when I start to make my starburst granny squares. Happy Crocheting!


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