Friday 3 August 2012

Tatsy bear does Etsy

Hello, good people of the world.

A couple of you had asked me about a pattern for my little Tatsy Bear.

So I've worked on it and practised it and written in down.

The Tatsy Bear Pattern is now for sale in my Etsy shop. Available as a PDF, which will be emailed to you.

And remember that 10% discount code? HAPPY1
It's still valid until the 9th August.
Quick, quick....!

Happy week to you all

PS am having HUGE probs posting and commenting on the iPad at the mo, so massive apologies to you all.  (Have stolen borrowed Dad's laptop to quickly get this done today!)

PPS iPad users - where do you upload your photos from? i've been using Flickr so far, but can't do it at the mo??!!! heeeeelp!

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  1. Love that bear! Great yarn you've used too - just want to cuddle him/her!
    Becky x

  2. Hi, mrs, thanks for the comment over at mine! Lovely little bear, you're a very clever girl!
    Have a good weekend.


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