Friday 24 August 2012

Of Knights and Ninjas


I have managed to wrestle the iPad from the kid's grubby mitts for long enough to actually write a post!

[I am totally looking forward to a return to routine. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays- but things just get a little, well, bonkers.]

Wait a sec.... What's that? I can hear the sound of marching feet...

Hey! It's the crochet Korknisse Knights, or Korknightsse, as they like to call themselves.

Hello, fellas! How are you?

What, you haven't got any weapons yet? Well, be careful, won't you?

But who's that?

Watch out, Korknightsse! Behind you...

.... it's the Korknisse NINJAs!

They're a deadly and dastardly duo..

You naughty little blighters.

Ok, so the knights and ninjas are free patterns from the lovely Lucy Ravenscar's blog. The knights were made for my nephew, who is doing something 'knight-ish' at school in Sept and the Ninjas for my son, who has demanded 'hundreds more'.

Good excuse to drink more wine, methinks.

Mwaaa haaaaa haaaaa!

Oh, and the crochet cushion cover (pattern from here) is coming along nicely...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!




  1. Hilarious, I love them. Your grannies are coming along nicely too.

  2. I can see why he wants hundreds more, I see a Ninja army appearing soon, and more wine? Why that is a huge bonus!
    Happy Weekend,

  3. Great idea!!!! i didn't know what to do with them!'s celebrate with a red red wine.....
    kiss from Buenos Aires, Argentina...far away.....kiss

  4. Great ninjas, can they do all that fighting while flying through the air like the matrix....I'm waiting for the star wars figurines middle boy is sooo into star wars, I really should give them a go, I think I may just drink lots of champagne to achieve my goal, better physique!

  5. Lovely crochet circles, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Unlike you, I really don't want the holidays to end as that means my return to work!
    Becky x

  6. Ah these are bloody brilliant!!!! x x x

  7. These are just darling! And your grannies are coming along nicely.

  8. Cuet,I like them....great ninjas figurines....good for kids birthday favors or souvenirs.

  9. I LOVE them! Might have to give it a go myself...thanks for the giggle

  10. Adorable. You made me laugh x

  11. So fun!!! I love granny's are very cute also. :)

  12. They are great fun!!! I left you a message on Ravelry by the way as you won one of my little giveaways on my blog so I need your address to send your prize on its way! Hope you have a great weekend, Laura (strawberrymousecrafts)

  13. Oh that is hilarious
    I am laughing my head off
    Ella xoxo

  14. They are absolutely adorable! Loving the stacks of crochet gorgeousness too hon.

  15. He! He! I'm chuckling...I just love your korknights and ninjas......gosh! there is so much creativity out there...wonderful!!!

    Looks like fun to make too!

    keep well


  16. Loved the naughty ninjas - got me giggling. Sam xx

  17. Muy, muy chulo tu blog, me gusta mucho lo que haces, un saludo de

  18. LOVE the knights and ninjas!! And I can't wait to see your cushion when it's finished!

  19. Haha! These guys are great!!! What a great way to up wine corks..... I'd better get drinking..... :-)

  20. HaHaHa! I will never look at wine corks the same way anymore. I love these!!!!

  21. Oh the little knights are wonderful, just what you need in the summer hols. My boys are all grown up now, but they would have loved those.
    With having four boys, it would have been different colours for different armies. Perhaps you should make a princess they can rescue...

  22. Hello!
    Love the knights and ninjas! My two little nephews (ages 2 and 4) would LOVE those little guys.

    Sorry I haven't said hello in a while. I will do what I always do and blame it on the baby! :)

  23. LOVE the knights and ninjas :-)Send in the witches to help out the knights!

    Fab grannies, that will be one fabulous cushion sweetie.

    I'm soooo behind trying to catch up a bit on blogs!

    Lori xxx

  24. Wow! I love it and it looks so cute. This can be a good display in my room. I will try this at home . :) Thanks.


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