Thursday 23 May 2013

A Crochet Matryoshka Brooch

Fancy making a Matryoshka brooch? Here's the pattern.

Matryoshka Brooch

(like the bigger Matryoshka, make 2 and single crochet together)

You'll need:
Yarn and a hook to match
A little toy stuffing
A few scraps of felt and material
A permanent marker pen
A brooch pin
PVA or similar glue to attach face and skirt

Stitches and Abbreviations:
I use US terms, so single crochet= same as UK double crochet here.
Single Crochet 2 Together (sc2tog)Chain (ch)Single crochet (sc)Stitches (sts)

To single crochet 2 together:
Insert hook into next stitch.
Yarn over, pull up a loop. (2 loops on hook)
Insert hook into next stitch.
Yarn over, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)
Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.

At the beginning of every row, turn and chain 1

(From the bottom up)
1. Chain 2
2. Sc 2 (2sts)
3. 2scs in next st, 2scs in next st (4)
4. 2scs in next st, sc 2, 2scs in next st (6)
5-6. sc 6 (6)
7. Sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog (4) CHANGE COLOUR
8. Sc 4 (4)
9. 2scs in next st, sc 3 (5)
10. 2scs in next st, sc 4 (6)
11. Sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog (4)
12. Sc2tog, sc2tog (2)

Fasten off.

Now decorate your little Matryoshka- draw a face on some felt with permanent pen and add some fabric for her skirt. I glued mine on with PVA glue.
Attach the brooch pin to the back.

Now single crochet around the edges of your two pieces to join them together and stuff lightly.

Enjoy your little brooch. 


  1. This brooch is SO cute! I enjoyed making your matryoshka doll so much (she's on my desk next to me right now!!) and I'll give this a go as soon as I get the chance. It's so sad that someone is trying to make profit from your free tutorial :(

  2. Çok sevimli güzel iş tebrikler ben çok sevdi eline sağlık görüşmek üzere sevgiler.

  3. I need a Russian dolly brooch! I think I may have found my half-term break craft project. :-)
    Thank you!!!

  4. I just flipping wish I COULD copy you!!!!!!!!!!
    That's cheeky. But rest assured you are the true original item me darling!!
    xx xx x

  5. thanks for the tutorial! i´ll give it a try & let you know on my blog with a link to your blog!
    greetings from hamburg, germany

  6. It' sooo cute ! Thank you for the free tutorial


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