Friday 31 May 2013

Pin it Forward UK

Pin It Forward UK 2013

Pinterest, oh Pinterest.
What would I do without you?
I can spend many-an-hour mooching through your vast plethora of ideas.

Want to know how to thread a bobbin correctly? See Pinterest.
Need to crochet a mathematically perfect sphere? See Pinterest.
Interested in the latest celeb fashions? See Pinterest.
Fancy a new look for your hallway? 
You get the idea.

I can create my own pinboards, dotted with hundreds and thousands of rainy-day ideas. I can see what all my clever friends are pinning and repin them too. I can pin pictures, tutorials and everything inbetween for free and I love it.

A favourite board of mine is Crafty Makes.

It is jam-packed full of all the things I would like to make. One day. When I have the time. 
So click on the link. Sign up. Take a peek. Share in my madness.

As a part of its PinitForward UK launch, Pinterest is interested in getting to know its UK bloggers and pinners.
So, why not check out the A-MAZ-ING Lindy Smith of Lindy's Cakes and her inspiring pinboards; If you like all things cake-y and creative, then this is the gal for you (be prepared to be totally gobsmacked at her beautiful designs)

Do you have a favourite board?

Have a Pinteresting day, everyone!


  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Sarah! You have amazing boards- I can't stop looking through all the inspirations you have found on Pinterest! I love the burlap banner with book page hearts, this is a great idea! Lauren, Community Coordinator

  2. I have too many favourite boards... thats the trouble!

  3. congratulations on being part of #Pin it Forward - your boards are lovely x

  4. I love Pinterest and spend way too much time on it,

  5. What fun and honour to be part of the pin it forward. I absolutely love Pinterest and can't believe I ever lived without it. Can't seem to access your boards through this post though. Xo

  6. Great Idea as I spend tons of hours on Pinterest, as I only do freebies (free crochet and free crafts). I would be honoured to be on the blog roll *chuckles*. I have pinned your scottie dog so many times and people adore it! So kind of you... I am /peacefuldoves (username). If you ever ever need a specific flower, or a cushion, of hexagon granny and can't find: I love finding things for people *grins*. Going to mooch along to your recommendations. Thanks so for your Freebies, I really appreciate them: as do many!!! yay, blessings xox

  7. Hi, I adore pinterest and only pin freebie crochet and craft.... your scottie dog is so well received and people always repin it and like it immensely.

    I had a look at your recommendations and see many of my pins! yay yay lol. If there is any pattern you need, say a flower, I can find it! or try to... If you need a specific granny/hexagon/coffee mug/stitch.. I am more than happy to search it out. I am good at that

    You are so kind to post the doggie pattern. I saw a pot holder only yesterday that was similar, a vintage pattern. It was very well liked. Your bird/swallow is amazing. I hope you sell many dogs!!!! You deserve it kind lady. Wishing you blessings, thanks so for sharing xox (/peacefuldoves).


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