Saturday 11 May 2013

Quick tutorial 1: Chainless Foundation Stitch

(Single crochet US/Double Crochet UK)

Grrrrrr. I HATE working the foundation row into a starting chain.
Sometimes it twists, or I miss a chain completely, or the tension's wrong and often it looks a bit odd.

Well not any more.

Not since discovering the Chainless Foundation Stitch.
With this stitch, you make the chain AND the first foundation row together.
I find it quicker, neater and less prone to buggering up. It also gives a good edge to your work and can be easily worked into if you want to add a border.

Saying that, it won't be suitable for everything you make, but do try it.

This stitch works on making a mock-'chain' stitch and then a mock-'single crochet' on top of it.

1. Slip stitch on hook
2. Chain 2 
3. Hook through 2nd chain from hook [see pointy finger in pic 2] making sure you hook through 2 strands. Yarn over, pull up loop. (2 loops on hook)
4. Yarn over, pull through loop ('chain' made) 
5. Yarn over, pull through loop ('single crochet' made)
6. Hook through 2 strands of previous 'chain' stitch [see pointy finger in pic 5] . Yarn over, pull up a loop. 
7. Yarn over, pull through loop ('chain' made)
8. Yarn over, pull through loop ('single crochet' made)
9. Continue from 6-8 until desired length achieved.
It takes a bit of practise to get the hang of it - there are some great video tutorials on YouTube too.


  1. You are awesome, love this tutorial.

  2. Brilliant, will def use this, thanks for posting
    Karen x

  3. Looks so good .. I will definitely try it

  4. I love this stitch and all the others that derive from it. I hated scarves or blankets being narrower and not as stretchy as the opposite ends. That problem is gone. I start baby clothes the same way and anything else I can start that way. Great tutorial :)

  5. Yes, I love the chainless foundation too. It is stretchy and perfect :-)

  6. as usual, you are really thoughtful with your shares!!!!
    thank you so much, xxxx Ale

  7. great technique! Might have to give this a go next time. Thanks for sharing

  8. I hate the first row of crochet too, must give this a go. thanks for sharing

  9. Oh, I am very excited about this post as I also grumble when I have to get through the foundation stitch, so thank you lovely lady for sharing. How very lovely of you. xo

  10. What a wonderful blog, really love your posts. Found you via Lesley from calmly creative. I have just started my own blog and you have given me inspiration. Thank you

    :-) xxx

  11. That sounds like fun. I'm going to try it on my next project. Thanks for the hint :)

  12. Hello again just bought one of your lovely patterns, can't wait to start it.
    Thank you
    Lots of love

  13. It's also good if you want it to be stretchy like a headband or a cowl :)
    You can do it for foundation dc as well :)


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