Tuesday 12 August 2014

The one with the knitting needles and the bracelets

It's a well known fact that the Mister thinks I'm bonkers.
So it's just as well he didn't see me boiling my knitting needles at lunchtime today.

Yep, you read it right. Boiling my needles.

See? Here's the proof.

No, I'm not THAT hungry. I just fancied trying something crafty.

I'd found the green and red plastic needles in a charity shop (10p per pair, I kid you not) and knew just what to do with them. 
And for once, it didn't involve yarn.

Here's what I made:


If you'd like to follow suit and confound your family and friends with your culinary madness, then here's what to do:

1. Find some plastic knitting needles (raid your stash for lonely ones, or keep your eyes peeled in the charity shops for cheapo ones).

2. Boil them for 20 mins or so -they need to be really soft for them to take shape. My first attempt didn't work as they weren't pliable enough.
Do be aware of nasty fumes which can be released- ventilate your kitchen and you'll be fine.

3. Remove them carefully from the water. Within a couple of seconds they'll be cool enough to handle.

4. Bend them quickly into shape and use something to hold them in position. (See my imaginative use of the elastic bands the postman insists on dropping along the street)

5. Allow to cool completely.

If you're not happy with your bracelet, then just pop the needle back in the boiling water to soften and start again.

Now adorn your wrists with your awesome creations and wait for the comments to come flooding in...

NB: not all plastic needles will bend. The grey one refused to comply and has been returned, sulking to my stash.

Enjoy your week!

Sarah x


  1. How crafty and unique you are! Great idea :)

    Birgitta xx

  2. My goodness that is so original.....I'm going to look out for old knitting needles when I go to the markets from now on!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x
    PS:Mediterranean giveaway open :-)

  3. that is so cool! Our postman litters the neighbourhood with elastic bands too, though red ones. He is also incapable of shutting our gate... Plastic becomes pliable at different temperatures, though only if it's extruded. If it's cast, then it probably will not bend and will either just refuse or will break. I could give you the temperatures necessary for different plastics if you like, or should I just go away and get on with buying stuff made for plastic for my day job?

  4. Now THAT, my dear, is very, VERY cool. xx

  5. Sarah, I absolutely adore what you've done here - will definitely give this a try soon! Marianne, xx

  6. You are brilliant.

  7. Loving your style. Knitting needle bracelets, gorgeous ring and turned up cuff denim jacket, seriously cool and casual chic.
    Anne xx

  8. Never would have figured you'd do something like this with knitting needles, love it!

  9. Love this idea, I have loads of my nanna's plastic needles so will have a go at this!


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