Thursday, 31 December 2015

EXTREME crochet

I've only gone and done it again.
Not satisfied with writing one book this year, I decided to do another...

And not just any old crochet book, either. 
EXTREME crochet.

But what on earth can you do with EXTREME crochet*, I bet you're wondering...?

My answer, dear reader is this: Imagine the biggest hooks, the chunkiest yarns and some stuff that's not even yarn at all and you're on the right track. Choose chunky, high-loft woollen yarns, or fabric and T-shirt yarns, string, rope, washing line or even make your own. If it's long and cord-like, then you can probably crochet with it. So what can you do with extreme crochet? Anything you like! It's perfect for maxing out the classics; want a cushion? Super-size it with big yarn. A blanket? Whip up one in a day with mega wool. A necklace? Walk on the wild side with funky T-shirt yarn. Extreme crochet doesn't have to mean that everything you make is massive, just that everything you make is awesome. 

*apologies to some of my friends who had hoped that Extreme crochet meant crocheting whilst abseiling down a cliff, or strapped to the roof of a tank. That will be another book, I promise.

And so my book is a collection of 8 simple patterns, from homewares to accessories and is available (to date) from here.


Sarah xx